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Assignments are part and parcel of students’ lives. Whether you’re in junior school, high school, college or university, there’s no escaping the barrage of academic papers during assignment season. Of course, stress becomes a constant companion during this phase.

Several researchers have conducted detailed studies connecting increased assignment burden to higher stress levels in students. For example, in a study conducted by Better Sleep Council, almost 74% of the surveyed students consider assignment stress more overwhelming than self-esteem issues or parental expectations.

Negative Effects of Assignment Season Stress

Undoubtedly higher education is stressful, but the pressure that students have to shoulder during assignment season can be so overwhelming that the inability to choose one of several marketing dissertation topics can cause mental breakdowns. During this time, students barely survive on four hours of sleep and caffeine.

Studies surveying students’ conditions during assignment season have noted how the overwhelming pressure severely affects both physical and mental health. Almost 60% of students have reported experiencing one or more of the following issues:

  • Migraines
  • Stomach ache
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Loss of appetite

Mental health issues also accompany such physical ailments. Almost 90% of students in colleges and universities have experienced low motivation, self-doubt and melancholy at the thought of the mountains of pending assignments.

Naturally, things can’t go on like this. Unless you can figure out ways to tackle this stress effectively, your assignment quality is bound to deteriorate. So, let’s explore ten tried and proven ways to navigate this world of immense pressure and ace every assignment without fail.

10 Ways to Avoid Excessive Stress During Assignment Season

Assignment season is nothing but a whirlwind of research, writing, proofreading and editing. By the time you’re done with one step, you barely have any time to catch your breath before proceeding to the next. So, explore the following suggestions to avoid burnout:

1. Get at least eight hours of sleep

Studies suggest that teenagers require a minimum of 8-10 hours of sleep daily to function at their maximum efficiency. Unfortunately, you’ll barely find any student who gets to sleep for more than four hours during the assignment season.

However, lack of sleep can result in hypertension, obesity, and depression. It also lowers your critical thinking abilities and negatively affects your assignment quality. Therefore, you must catch up on your Z’s to be at your optimum condition to write outstanding assignments.

2. Focus on eating healthy

Several students become so focused on their assignments that they forget to eat all day. Many students forego having proper meals throughout the day and survive only on instant food. But the moment you neglect eating healthy, you’ll compromise your health. So, add more fruits and high-fibre foods to your daily diet to gain the energy and stamina needed to complete your assignments without falling ill.

3. Prioritise your assignments

If you want to come out of the assignment season in one piece, you must prioritise your assignments well. First, thoroughly review the assignment requirements and separate the complex ones from the easier options. Then, figure out the time you’d need to complete them within their respective deadline. Even if an easy paper has an earlier deadline than a more complex paper, attempt the complex one first. Otherwise, you’ll struggle to complete it at the last minute.

4. Take frequent breaks while writing

Most students consider taking breaks while writing assignments a waste of time. But that’s precisely where they’re wrong. While the attention span differs for each individual, research suggests that the average adult can only concentrate for 15-20 minutes at a stretch. So, if you struggle with a low attention span, forcing yourself to complete an assignment in one sitting will only end up in a disaster. Instead, it’s better to take 15-minute breaks every 45 minutes so you can refresh your mind and concentrate on your assignments.

5. Organise your to-do list

When you’ve got to complete a whole bunch of research papers within a tight deadline, you can’t afford to forget any. When one assignment slips your notice and you recall it right before the due date, your stress levels will be over the roof. Ultimately, you’ll have no option but to rely on research paper writing service to help you complete the paper on time. So, do yourself a favour, and note down all your pending tasks on a to-do list.

6. Allocate time for each assignment

Proper time management is the key to avoiding unnecessary stress during assignment season. If you have multiple papers to complete, you can’t afford to spend 70% of the time on one paper and rush through the rest at the last minute. Instead, figure out the complexity of each paper and allocate the time you’d need to spend on each to ensure high-quality writing.

7. Reward yourself for completing tasks

Following a reward system during assignment season can motivate you to complete your papers within the deadline. It’ll bring about a much-required break from the constant dread and pressure to submit the assignments within the deadline. Instead of letting the negative feelings triumph, a reward system enables you to enjoy positive anticipation.

8. Keep your weekends free

To avoid drowning under the pressure of assignments, you might be tempted to cancel your plans with friends and family during the weekends. However, it’ll become harder to focus on your tasks unless your brain gets enough breaks from the constant pressure during assignment season. So, when you spend your entire weekend working on papers, you’re actually sabotaging your chances of an A+.

9. Set aside time to exercise regularly

Sparing time to exercise when you’re already drowning under the pressure of assignment might seem ridiculous, but did you know exercising releases endorphins which reduce your stress? When you feel overwhelmed by the number of pending tasks, jog around your local park or visit the gym to release the pressure. An hour of daily exercise can work wonders. It’ll make you feel more refreshed so you can tackle every complex assignment that comes your way.

10. Seek professional help if required

Undoubtedly, assignment season is nothing but a nightmare for most students. Even after trying your best, if you can’t manage to control your stress levels, it’s best to rely on professional experts to reduce the burden from your shoulders. You can hire professional academic experts to assist you with your papers. But remember to research the available options thoroughly and keep an eye out for red flags that might land you in trouble.

To sum it up,

Assignment season is the primary source of stress for millions of students worldwide. The overwhelming pressure to complete a bunch of papers within the deadline while also focusing on maintaining the quality of each assignment can bring anyone to tears. So, to avoid a complete meltdown, follow the ten suggestions highlighted in this blog. You will surely experience less stress and successfully pull off assignment season without a hitch.

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