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None of us is unaware of the fact that having non-toxic houseplants can help residents reap a plethora of health benefits. Conservationists work tirelessly around the world to raise awareness about the importance of preserving nature and keeping the environment clean and green. So, it’s high time for every human being to take steps to reduce their carbon footprint and make their homes and this planet greener.

Houseplants not only provide holistic health benefits to residents of a home, including children and pets, but they also significantly help liven up indoor spaces. Nurturing or taking proper care of indoor plants is essential to eliminating toxins from the air in your rooms. Moreover, doing so diligently will enable you to make the interior of your home appear more aesthetically pleasing.

If you have a child or furry friends at home, make sure you only add houseplants that are not harmful to them. It would be wise to discuss this in detail with a seller reputed for timely indoor plant delivery in Florida. However, keep reading to enrich your knowledge of all those houseplants that are not toxic and the safest for babies and pets.

Trailing Jade

One of the non-demanding houseplants is Trailing Jade, the scientific name is Peperomia Rotundifolia. It is easy to recognize this indoor plant because of its typical fleshy and thick leaves. There is no need to water Trailing Jade regularly. However, the amount of water it requires is more than succulents.

This pretty trailing houseplant can bring the interior space of your apartment to life, besides eliminating toxic substances in the air and improving air quality. You can plant it in a pot and place it in your bedroom. Still, it is better to put this plant in hanging planters designed for the balcony. It is one of the safest houseplants for babies, cats, and dogs.

African Violet

Another indoor plant that you can use is the Saintpaulia or African Violet. This little, beautiful plant bears flowers in varying colors throughout the year. Thus, it can easily accentuate the space where you place it.

A lot of individuals prefer keeping African violet in their homes as it exudes a sense of calm and positivity. Remember that properly watering this houseplant is imperative if you want it to bloom. However, ensure that this pet and the kid-friendly plant do not stand in water for many hours.

Spider Plant

Undoubtedly one of the popular, versatile, and non-toxic indoor plants is Chlorophytum Colosum, commonly known as Spider Plant. Apart from making your rooms or balconies look more inviting, this specific indoor plant, which is child and pet friendly, is great at purifying the air. Taking care of it is incredibly easy.

You need not water it daily, and even if you place it in a low-light area, it will keep growing in a healthy manner. One of the attractive aspects of Spider Plant is its dense foliage. If you want to propagate this green plant, simply cut off the spiderettes it produces and re-pot them.

You can place Spider Plant on shelves in your bedroom or living room. Many people like to have it right next to their window or put it on a balcony hanging planters, or pots.

Christmas Cactus

Contact a natural company that provides customers with indoor plants, such as a Christmas tree in Florida, on time and at a reasonable price. You can bring Christmas cacti home without worrying, as they are non-toxic and friendly for kids and furry companions. People who already have this houseplant admit watching it grow somehow reduces their stress levels.

However, to ensure its healthy growth, you must water it on a timely basis. But overwatering is a strict no. Also, place this Christmas cactus plant pot where it can keep receiving bright and indirect sunlight throughout the day. Glossy green leaves and exquisite flowers make this indoor plant stand out.

Parlor Palm

Be it the interior or exterior part of your house, add Chamaedorea Elegans or Parlor Palm and witness how beautifully those spaces come alive. It is very popular among people who are fond of indoor plants as it is one of the less demanding plants. In addition, it is offered in different sizes. So, you can always get the right one to keep in your study room or balcony.

Even if you have kids or pets at home, there is no need to worry because it is not toxic for them. Instead, it purifies the air, helps decrease psychological stress, and improves focus and sense of well-being. You will feel calmer and more relaxed when you are in constant exposure to such a houseplant. It is capable of brightening up the space where you keep it.

Sword Fern

Many people regard this houseplant as Boston Fern, besides Sword Fern. It is just the perfect indoor plant to have around pets and kids. Put it in a pot and keep it in front of your eyes, as it can help you recover quickly from mental exhaustion.

Time and again, it has been proven that Sword Fern plays an instrumental role in helping individuals with issues such as depression and anxiety heal. Remember to water it on time to foster growth, or else its fronds will turn yellow quickly.

Chinese Money Plant

You will find Pilea Peperomioides or Chinese Money Plant in eight out of ten houses. Inarguably, it is the most non-toxic, less-demanding, readily available houseplant. Caring for it is as easy as you can imagine. It needs water once a week and indirect sunlight. As a result, you can pot this lovely indoor plant and place it in a corner of your bedroom or study room.

Many people prefer hanging it from the ceiling. Do whatever you feel like, as this houseplant with gorgeous leaves can easily bring interior spaces to life. Propagating this money plant is not a hassle as it keeps producing lots of offsets, which you need to cut off properly from the mother plant. Apart from cleaning the air, this indoor plant positively affects the body, mind, and soul.

Prayer Plant

You can still bring the Prayer plant home if you hardly get any time, even on weekends, because of your busy schedule. It does not require water daily and grows perfectly well when you keep it in a place where sunlight isn’t falling directly. It is known for improving mood and radiating feelings of well-being, so you will feel rejuvenated looking at it after waking up in the morning.

Nerve Plant

Call it Nerve Plant or Fittonia, but know that you can reap health advantages. If you add this indoor plant to the interior space of your home. Even if your baby or pet touches it, nothing will happen. To them because it is one of the safest plants to have around. However, watering it at least twice a week is necessary to boost its growth.

Moth Orchids

A variety of orchids is available, and it is one of them. Moth or Phalaenopsis orchids are easy to care for. Place it in a room where you spend most of your time, as it can help you stay more focused, optimistic, healthy, and happy. Moth orchids impact the overall wellness of an individual immensely.

So, these are the 10 beautiful and non-toxic indoor plants you can buy and add to your home’s interior. Besides enhancing the look and feel of your rooms and balcony. These houseplants can ensure health benefits to everyone in your home, including your child and furry companions.

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