10 principles to revolutionize your custom jewelry boxes

jewelry boxes

High-value products such as jewelry are one of the trickiest regarding protection. These products are prone to damage from numerous external factors due to their sensitive nature. Therefore, brands must protect these products until they are in consumers’ hands. They can use cardboard and Kraft jewelry boxes for the process as the design is unparalleled in its protective nature. Various custom options are available for these boxes that help protect and promote products. Brands can also use custom printing and lamination options to unleash the promotional potential of packaging in an even better way.

What makes jewelry boxes perfect?

Packaging is crucial to protect products during the shipping and storage phases. All products are vulnerable to damage and contamination risks, and protecting them is difficult. Functional packaging can always help brands like an ultimate companion. The demand for jewelry boxes wholesale supplies is now high as the design is matchless to protect the products. The materials used for these boxes are perfect to resist all sorts of physical impacts and stacking pressures. There are also options for PP and PE films to enhance the barrier properties of packaging with higher efficacy. This packaging also comes in handy during the promotional phase. The options available to print this packaging are also perfect and serve to unleash the communicational potential. Brands can also creatively design this packaging to uplift the audience’s experience.

Principles of Success

Packaging not only assists the brands in protecting their products but also effectively promotes them in the market. It is the face of brands in front of the audience and works as a decisive factor for the audience. Brands can use one-of-a-kind packaging designs and shapes to hook more and more consumers. There are endless designs available for jewelry gift boxes that can help the audience in the gifting process. Customizing these boxes is highly easy, and brands can use a bundle of add-ons for this packaging. The only thing that matters is to customize these boxes exotically and innovatively. You can also follow the ongoing packaging trends to take inspiration. Here are some basic principles to design this packaging creatively and leave a lasting impact on the audience’s minds.

Try new shapes

Packaging is all about presenting products creatively to the audience. Never hesitate to try new packaging shapes and sizes as it helps you stand out in the market. Brands use cardboard and Kraft materials for this packaging that are highly easy to customize. Use innovative shapes that follow the dimensions of products to leave a lasting impact on the audience.

Ensure premium materials

The packaging you select for your products is the face of your brand for the audience. Using premium materials always helps showcase the finest quality of your products. Moreover, using good quality materials also helps to uplift the functionality of your custom jewelry boxes. This also helps to protect products in an even better manner during storage and shipping.

Padding comes in handy

Jewelry is expensive and delicate. It can get damaged by various external factors, from physical impacts to mishandling during shipping. You can use the padding options available for these boxes as they help resist all sorts of damaging factors with higher efficacy. Moreover, padding also uplifts the unboxing experience for the audience and retains them with your brand for a long time.

Follow the trends

The ongoing trends for wholesale jewelry boxes are also best as they help to spark creativity. You can follow the ongoing packaging trends to take inspiration for your packaging. Moreover, following these trends is also perfect as it helps you better understand the requirements and preferences of the audience. You can also create exotic packaging designs to amaze your consumers best.

Provide new perspective

Displaying products creatively in front of an audience is crucial for brands. Effective presentation of products helps the brands to leave a lasting impact on the audience’s minds and uplifts brands’ sales. You can use the die-cutting option to introduce windows in packaging and uplift the presentation of your products in the best way possible.

Connect with audience

Communicating with the audience is key to success for brands. The audience is always looking for convenience to know more about the nature of products. You can use the wide space available on jewelry gift boxes for the purpose. Use digital, silkscreen, and offset printing to highlight labels relating to the product’s nature. You can also print the contents and price of products on these boxes for even better outcomes.

Be sustainable

Sustainability is now one of the basic elements that brands must ensure for packaging. The audience worries about sustainability and wants their products in eco-friendly packaging designs. Cardboard and Kraft are perfect as these materials are highly easy to reuse. Moreover, you can also use soy inks on this packaging to uplift sustainability even better.

Aesthetical laminations

It is not always about the visuals of packaging; you also have to ensure the optimal aesthetics for packaging. The audience is now looking for the ultimate experience while using the products. You can use velvet touch, gloss, and smudge-free laminations for custom jewelry boxes to enrich aesthetics in the best possible way.

Faux 3d décor

Uplifting the visuals of packaging in the best possible way makes products stand out in the market. You can use digital, offset and screen printing options to print faux 3d décor on the packaging. Use vivid color themes and edgy graphics as they are best to captivate the attention of the audience. This also helps to make products jump off the market shelves and raise sales in a better way.

Use metal foils

Making an exclusive statement in the audience’s minds is crucial for jewelry. You can use various foiling options available for this packaging to enhance the appeal in the best way. There are options for gold, silver, and copper foiling options, and it helps effectively to enrich appeal. You can also stamp the logo of your brand on packaging to even enhance the recognition of products.

Following basic designing principles for jewelry boxes is always the perfect way to uplift the sales of your products. In addition, you can creatively design the packaging to enhance the protection of your products. Moreover, the custom options are also perfect for making products stand out on the market shelves.