Long Maxi

Long maxis are the perfect wardrobe addition. They can be worn for a variety of occasions, from weddings to formal events. Whether you’re looking for something conservative or want to push your limits with a daring dress. There is a long maxi skirt out there that will suit your needs! Here are 11 reasons it is good for you!

1) It can be paired with all types of tops and bottoms

You have endless options when it comes to choosing what type of top and bottom goes best with your new dress. From nude sandals to dark navy heels, you’ll never run out of ideas on how to style this versatile piece (long maxi).

2) Long maxis make great swim cover-ups

This is especially true for resort weddings. If you intend on wearing your maxi as a swimsuit cover-up, choose one that has lace detailing so it doesn’t look too casual.

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3) A long dress can go out to the pool party, the beach club, or even an upscale restaurant

When it comes to choosing which occasion you’ll be attending. There’s no rule saying you have to only be restricted to formal affairs. You might surprise yourself at how much fun you can have with friends while rocking that new maxi dress!

4) A long maxi skirt can easily turn into a ‘going out’ outfit

If you’re looking for outfits ideas for going out this summer but are struggling to find inspiration. You might want to consider buying a long maxi skirt. Pair it with an embellished top and heels of your choice and you’ll be set for the evening!

5) A long dress can serve as the perfect wedding guest outfit

From courthouses to extravagant country clubs. There’s no denying that your wardrobe will definitely gain some mileage when you have a long dress in them.

6) A maxi dress is perfect for the summer when paired with sandals or sliders

Sliders look great on almost everyone who tries them on so if this is your type of footwear. Then feel free to wear it with your new long maxi. In fact, if you’re daring enough go all out and purchase a pair of pink ones to coordinate with your dress.

7) A maxi is perfect for women who love flower prints

Flower print and summer go hand in hand so if you’re a fan of the floral pattern, consider buying a long dress with this motif. You certainly won’t be disappointed!

8) Evening dresses can easily turn into bridesmaid dresses for beach weddings

Evening dresses are generally expensive which makes them perfect candidates to be used as second-hand wedding party attire. For instance, if you’ve been invited to several weddings this year. And need the funds to attend each one than purchasing evening gowns that have never been worn before by your friends.

9) It is perfect for a night out in the city

You don’t have to be in a tropical setting in order to enjoy the comfort of slippers and sandals. In fact, if you’re going out with friends, why not just wear your new long maxi skirt when hitting up all those fun bars and restaurants? Whether it’s date night or girls’ night, you’ll look glamourous all afternoon into the evening.

10) A long formal dress can rock any corporate event

From office parties to weddings that take place during the weekday, you can never go wrong with this choice of outfit! Even women who are more on the conservative side will find themselves comfortable wearing these kinds of dresses.

11) A maxi dress can be worn even during the winter

If you’re feeling brave enough, then by all means wear your long dress with tights and boots. You’ll definitely turn heads everywhere you go!

1) Maxi dresses look great on plus-sized women. So if you’re looking to cover up some areas that aren’t your best, then this is the perfect clothing for you!

2) If you’re attending a wedding or formal event and your feet are killing you because of those uncomfortable high heels, consider wearing flats instead. Flats go well with maxis so save yourself the trouble of breaking another expensive pair of shoes on an important occasion.

3) Wearing long dresses can sometimes be considered overbearing because it makes one appear shorter than they really are. However, there’s no need to worry about this dilemma when sporting a maxi skirt. Because these items don’t cling to your body like other types of clothing do.

The Bottom Line

With so many benefits, it’s no wonder that the long maxi dress has become a wardrobe staple for women of all shapes and sizes. Whether you want to wear them as day dresses or evening gowns, there are endless ways to style this versatile piece of clothing. We hope these 11 reasons have convinced you why buying a maxi is worth every penny!

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