2 BHK flats are a better investment for today and tomorrow

Nowadays everybody is moving to suburban and metropolitan cities for jobs, opportunities, and access to resources to build their start-ups. So it is essentially need to have a rented house and also to buy flats like a person who got the job in Thane would buy a 2BHK in Kalwa. So due to job and business purposes, we could get settle there.

Based on current and future aspects, here are some key benefits of buying 2 BHK flats over 1 BHK:-

The Future

Initially due to job purposes we might think 1 BHK will be sufficient but in long run, it might be different. Subsequently, when we will get settle there then for the family it will be not enough. So 2 BHK is beneficial for our long-term investment considering the future aspects. It’s also important that currently what property we buy should must meet the basic requirements that nowadays every buildings have like lift, automatic water pump meter, etc.

Because in future when we sell the same flat, it’s value may get reduce due to lack of such technological advancement. It’s additionally vital that as of now what property we purchase should meet the essential necessities that these days each building have like lift, programmed water siphon meter, and so forth in light of the fact that in future when we sell a similar level, it’s worth might get lessen because of absence of such mechanical headway.

Price of 2 BHK

Suppose we had a flat and future if we move on to some different location then we have to sell the flat. Property-based investment is never depreciative, especially in suburban cities. People who come with 2 BHK demand more considering long-term investment. So it will never cost any loss to our investment. Price of property matters on the location where the flat is situate because 2BHK prices varies in Thane and Mumbai as Mumbai is more populate and had greater metropolitan culture.


The flat that we have just discussed may not be in proper Thane but it’s a better investment than 1BHK in Kalwa. The reason is that the property dealers and constructors know the requirements and the demands in the market scenario of the buyers. So they keep the price of 1 BHK higher per square feet wise from their actual price so that a person who is in actual need of 1 BHK will buy it rather than 2 BHK.


People try to get settle mostly in the areas where bus, railway, and air transport connectivity is well establish. So people approach such locations flats are within 10 to 15 km from the main city would be beneficial to us in the long run as the prices initially will be affordable and soon more transport connectivity would come as people will travel and it will be profitable for the bus, taxi and can service too.

These are the key features that are very essential to consider while buying any property, especially a flat because buying a 1 BHK in Thane west would be a better option in terms of connectivity and future but might not be affordable for all. So we must think not only 5 years ahead but consider all possibilities currently and the future aspects and observe the current scenario of the area to get a better idea of the more logical answer to our question ‘why?’ while doing an investment.