Custom Watch boxes

Watches cannot be stored without the right packaging. It will damage them and can also be the cause of their shorter life span. Therefore, to maintain their functionality, it is important to keep them in the right watch boxes. Determining whether a case is right or not depends on many factors. However, the key factor is the construction material of the package. If it comes with low-quality manufacturing, it will not serve its purpose. Therefore, it is of utmost significance to know about the best materials used in the manufacturing of these watch cases. There are many different options in the market, but the best are the ones presented below. 

1. Cardboard – Best Material for Watch Boxes 

The first material which is ideal for making watch boxes is cardboard. It is recognized for its robustness. Therefore, there is no question that the case made from it will be sturdy. It will be strong enough to endure external pressure. Moreover, it will successfully keep the wristwear safe and sound inside. There will be no chance of damage from dust or moisture. Therefore, the package remains secure even during delivery. 

Another great marvelous advantage of this material is that it can be moulded in various designs. The manufacturer can create the box in any shape or size. Therefore, it works for the brand as well as the customers, as they can get a package of their requirements. Altering the dimensions of the box according to the size of the watch is never an issue. It even allows manufacturers to create larger packages for multiple watches. Furthermore, they can add any designs on the front of the package to enhance its beauty. To top it off, cardboard boxes also have the endurance for various finishings. Therefore, the beauty of wristwear can be maximized.

2. E-flute Corrugated 

This is another common material for the construction of custom watch box wholesales. This material is available widely in the market. Many manufacturing companies in the UK are using E-flute corrugated for the making of watch packaging. This material comes with 3 layers of different materials. It includes one layer of corrugated cardboard sheet and 2 layers of flat liner boards. This design gives this material high strength. Therefore, it is capable of offering safety to precious and delicate wristwear. 

The biggest benefit of this material is that the manufacturer can easily add more layers during the construction. Therefore, they can create thicker material for their watch boxes for sale. This will enhance the strength of the package greatly. So, the chances of the watches enduring damage will lessen significantly. Moreover, it has room for customization of shapes, sizes, and designs. Therefore, the manufacturers and the customers can have packaging for their watches according to their needs. They can create a box of any style which suits their watch style the most. 

3. Bux Board – Sturdiest Choice for Watch Boxes

The rigid design of the bux board makes it one of the best choices for watch box manufacturers. It brings durability to watch packaging that every manufacturer yearns for. Thanks to its stiffness, the boxes made from it are highly strong. They can endure any type of pressure without letting it get to the delicate product. Furthermore, this material allows manufacturers the benefit of customization. So they can design and create packaging of their liking without any restrictions. So, it is possible to have a package that follows the contour and style of the watches instead of a plain square design. 

4. Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is truly one of the best choices currently present on the market. This material is known for its eco-friendly nature. Therefore, the boxes made from it will be highly environment-friendly. They will not pose any threat to the surroundings. However, their sustainable nature does not stand in the way of their strength. Despite being highly eco-friendly, this material is also quite strong. So, the packaging that comes from it is also durable. This factor alone makes it one of the best choices for watches. The other advantage of kraft paper is that the manufacturer can add any finishing and coating to the exterior. This will enhance the beauty of the package. Moreover, designs can also be added to the front of the box in any colour palette. Using soy ink colours will give the package the beauty that attracts everyone without compromising its eco-friendliness.

5. Paper Stock 

Another great choice for custom watch boxes is paper stock. Even though this material is comparatively thinner than cardboard, it still possesses strength. So, the package constructed from this material will be highly durable and strong. It will be able to uphold its position against all kinds of pressure. There is very less chance of paper stock cases enduring damage. Therefore, the watches present inside these packages will remain secure from all types of harm. In addition to that, this material also gives freedom to the manufacturers to alter the size and shape. Therefore, there is room for customization in paper stock boxes. Moreover, the exterior can also be printed with any design of the buyer’s requirements. In addition to that, the box can also be laden with various finishings. 


Creating the perfect watch boxes for your wristwear is very important. Otherwise, the poor quality of ordinary packages will jeopardize the safety of the watches. A critical part of this procedure is picking the right type of construction material for the boxes. If the material is durable and sturdy, the package will also possess these qualities. This article lists the top five materials that are ideal for making watch cases in the UK. The basic features of all of them are more or less the same. However, they vary in terms of basic structure, thickness, and level of protection.

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