6 Common Myths About Mailer Boxes That Must Be Avoided to Get Succeed

Mailer Boxes

Mailer Boxes – Packaging is one of the core elements of any product. Therefore, it should be effective, efficient, affordable and gripping enough to captivate your customers while simultaneously increasing your revenue. However, there are many misconceptions regarding mailer boxes that may discourage you from investing in them. Let’s dispel some of these myths and overcome them.

Merits Of Mailer Boxes

Making Your Mailer Boxes Highly Attractive is Not Really Necessary

Many companies believe that packaging has only basic functions and that is to keep the product in place and provide protection. This is not accurate because the look of your custom printed mailer box uk really defines your sales. The more attractive your packaging, the more customers are intereste in trying your product and they consequently end up buying it due to its gripping nature.

This simultaneously increases your sales and revenue. People are more compell to buy products that are beautifully package, something they can reuse too.  In addition to this, colors are one of the main things that grip the consumers and attract them towards your product. Using different hues of colors on your packaging will oblige your customers to buy your product, consequently, increasing your mailer boxes wholesale.

The Lack of Durability and Strength Will Lead to Damaged Goods

Many people tend to believe that custom boxes are not durable and sustainable. However, we are here to debunk this myth because custom mailer boxes are make out of sturdy materials such as cardboard, corrugated cardboard, Kraft paper, etc.

Custom boxes also come in laminated form, meaning, they come with more protection. This makes them strong and durable. This type of packaging can easily withstand harsh weather and shipping conditions, so you can rest assured that your product will be safe from any harm.

Mailer Boxes are Not Made for Long Shipping Hours

Many people believe that custom boxes are not ideal for long shipping hours and that they may not be able to protect the product as much. This is not true because custom printed mailer boxes are constitute of materials that are sturdy and can withstand difficult shipping conditions and duration. The lamination also makes them partially waterproof, meaning that your product is safe with cardboard storage boxes with lids.

They are Not Ecologically Sound and Produce Waste

One of the largest and growing issues in today’s era is climate change. A lot of companies are trying to go green and be more environmentally friendly because the demand of products is as such. This raises concerns regarding the type of packaging being use and here is where the misconceptions arise. People think that mailer boxes increase waste production. However, this is false because custom boxes are make of materials such as cardboard which biodegrade easily.

Mailer Boxes Have No Versatility nor Do They Serve a Purpose 

We have by now debunked six myths about corrugated boxes. Now let’s debunk the seventh one. Custom mailer boxes have much use and purpose as you have read earlier. They are very diverse and attractive. Moreover, their eco-friendly nature makes them a great tool for packaging your products because you are not only providing protection.

And branding but also helping the environment by going green. In addition to this, many believe that mailer packaging is highly useless, however, that is far from the truth since it has many advantages such as being highly versatile due to a variety and diversity in shapes and sizes, meaning that they can cater to all the needs of your customers, be it big or small!

Kraft Boxes are Not Secure for the Product 

This statement is far from the truth because these mailer boxes come with auto lock features and magnetic closures. Which latch onto the packaging and secure the product inside from rolling out. Falling down and getting damage, so your consumers can rest assured that their product is completely safe and sound.

Protection of products inside the packaging should always be a priority. During shipping and transit, oftentimes, many packages get damage or stole. Therefore, in order to avoid that, you should invest in mailer packaging as your primary form of packaging.