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New resolutions are also possible in the second half. These include buying a house, traveling abroad, learning some new languages, and more. Take care of your health. We are not referring to an annual medical check-up but also to exercising more. Our skin is the largest and most sensitive organ in our bodies.

What was your last visit to the dermatologist? Do you have a good skincare routine? Many dermatologists and dermatologist surgeon, says that most people don’t realize the importance of caring for their skin. These tips will help you to improve your daily skincare and beauty routines.



You don’t want to find a new blemish on your skin at the end of the calendar year. So be careful with sunscreen. It is your best anti-aging and anti-blemish friend. Ask your dermatologist for advice on the best sunscreen for you. Make sure to use it at least three times per day to protect your skin from the sun.


Take a cup of tea every morning or read a book at bedtime. Expert says that sleeping with makeup on your skin or other impurities doesn’t allow it to properly perform its metabolism and make cells turn. This can lead to pore obstruction, skin irritation, premature aging, and sensitive skin.

3. Follow a CALENDAR

You should visit your dermatologist a minimum of twice per year. Choose a qualified professional who inspires confidence and has the most up-to-date treatments and tools. You will have a great friend to help you care for your skin and protect it!

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What if you got a pimple on a day that was not expected? It is uncomfortable to feel it, and it is best to not touch or pinch your skin. This will cause scarring and spots that can be very difficult to get rid of.


You may have heard the expression, “You are what you eat.” Beauty comes from within. Consuming foods high in dairy and fats will increase the amount of sebum, which will lead to acne. Cigarette smoking and alcohol will dry out your skin and make it look dull and irritated. Marilyn Sanabria, a dermatologist, suggests that you focus your attention on fruits and vegetables instead.


This is a huge benefit for those who exercise regularly or live in hot areas. Hydration is essential for maintaining body temperature. When you exercise or are in hot environments, your body loses water. Your body uses sweat to cool itself, but if it doesn’t get enough water, your body will heat up. This is why it happens. This happens because when your body is dehydrated it loses electrolytes and plasma, and that is why you should drink lots of water if you’re sweating more than usual.

Do you want your skin to be healthy, young, and vibrant? Hydration is essential if you want your skin to look healthy, young, and radiant. It has many benefits, including the ability to prevent dryness, delay the appearance of wrinkles, as well as improve the skin’s appearance. Experts suggest moisturizing your skin twice daily with a special product, and drinking water.

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Home remedies are best avoided as they can cause skin irritations and allergic reactions. 

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