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7 top Diamond Ring Designs In 2021–London

Proposing your partner for marriage is a huge milestone for both you and your partner. Therefore making it as memorable as possible is important. The ring plays a huge role during the proposal and you try and buy one which your partner will like. With so many ring designs available in the market, it can get really confusing to choose one. Listed below are some of the trending rings designs of this year that you can get inspired from before you buy the ring for your partner.

Gypsy rings

Gypsy rings are those rings where the centre stone is flush with the metal band which is thick and chunky. The love for chunky ornaments, which was popular in the Victorian era, is back and people seem to be loving it. The metal part of the ring is usually gold but can be made of platinum and silver.

Sustainable rings

People nowadays are more concerned about the impact of their purchases on the environment and therefore are opting for sustainable jewellery like those that are made of lab grown diamonds London . Lab-grown diamond rings are affordable and come in a plethora of designs that you can choose from. You can also customise your ring design according to your choice.

Pear cut diamond rings

Diamonds are available in many shapes such as the round cut, Ascher cut, cushion cut etc. Recently, a ring made pear cut diamonds have risen in popularity due to their unique shape and quirky appearance. The pear cut diamond is an unconventional choice that makes your ring stand out from the rest.

Split shank rings

A split shank ring is one where the metal band splits into two as it approaches the centre stone and gracefully encircles it. This design gives a very distinctive and stylish look to the ring and can be used in combination with diamonds of various shapes. The versatility of this ring has made it popular in recent times.

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Coloured stone rings

Gone are the days when the diamond was the only popular stone when it came to engagement rings. Today coloured stone rings are preferred because they are eye-catching and vibrant. Coloured stones can range from birthstones to coloured diamonds or gemstones that include sapphire, ruby and emerald buy facebook followers . Coloured stone can be used along with colourless diamonds and paired along with metals such as gold and platinum. Sapphire engagement rings are a good choice for gemstone lovers.

Hidden halo rings

Hidden halo rings are those which have a pave set halo around the centre stone that is situated beneath the girdle of the centre stone. This design provides extra sparkle to the rings without coming into direct view. The extra shine provided by this design is the reason why it is popular among the crowd.

The gallery is the part of the ring on which the centre stone is mounted. An important fact about this design is that adding stones to the gallery such that it is visible from the sides is the perfect way to add extra beauty to the ring. A lot of people are loving this subtle design and opting for it this year.

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