Mental Health

A few years back all of us can argue that mental health was something that was being whispered about behind closed doors. People were adamant about discussing this was others and they were afraid that if they were to open up about their struggles they would be titled as frantic or lunatic. But lately, the narrative seems to be shifting and people are now more vocal about their struggles. Furthermore, the public has become more accepting of these social struggles and things are taking a turn for the greater good. 

According to male health specialists in Lahore, people are more and more vocal about their struggles and that has changed the perspective of the local public regarding these issues. Whether it is the stance of celebrities or the acceptance of the public the issues are as diverse as it can get and people are now becoming more and more open about these issues. 

Let us discuss in detail what are mental issues, how the taboo is being dissolved, and what are the key parameters that have fueled all this. 

What is Mental Health?

Mental health is a comprehensive and collective subject that tackles the issues of the emotional, physical as well as social well-being of a person. It is the primary factor that has a direct effect on a number of our everyday emotions. Mental health can also impact the way a person thinks, acts, and react. From our dealings with stress to how we handle anger all such things are what determine our mental health. 

Mental health is a serious concept that demands a larger audience for correspondence and is important for all age groups such as children, teens, adults, or old. 

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If a person is having mental issues over a course of his life, the chances that he is going to get affected in his other life activities are also apparent. It directly impacts the thinking process, memory,  mood, and subsequent behavior of the said person. 

There exist certain factors that collectively have an impact on the well-being of a person and fuel this issue of mental health. These are given below:

  • Biological factors such as how the genes work and the way the brain works 
  • Certain life experiences at different stages of life are trauma or any past abuse 
  • Family issues or any persistent mental disorder 

Some Warning Signs 

In case you have no idea about what are the ways through which a person can have an idea about the mental health of another, then we have compiled some of the signs that can prove to be worthy here. 

  • Eating too much or sleeping too much 
  • Getting bored of having a social life and preferring to spend time alone 
  • Always drained of energy 
  • Unexplained aches in different parts of the body 
  • Feeling helpless and hopeless
  • Smoking, drinking or vaping, or the overuse of drugs 
  • Feeling confused, not needed, forgetful, angry, upset, worried, or scared 
  • Always fighting with family either yelling or shouting 
  • Mood swings 
  • Having persistent thoughts or memories 
  • Hallucinations or making up things that do not exist 
  • Ability to self-harm or harm others 
  • Inability to connect with the daily life 

Positive Mental Health and What it is?

Positive mental health can easily be summarized as having a sound mind that allows you to perform properly in your everyday life. It is a mindset that encourages people to become the best version of themselves. With the help of a strong mental presence, a person is able to connect with their surroundings in a more reflective way and is able to make decisions on a wider frame.

Some other prospects which also positive mental health are:

  • Recognize the full potential 
  • Effectively manage stress 
  • Promotes constructive criticism 
  • Become an active part of the community 
  • Participates in the social progress

How do Maintain Positive Mental Health?

There are several ways in which a person can tackle the issue of mental health. Some of the key ones are as follows:

  • Make sure that you are vocal about your issues so that you can get professional help 
  • Establishing long-term connections with people 
  • Trying to stay positive regardless of the outcome of the situation
  • Paying attention to physical activities
  • Taking part in communal activities and helping people 
  • Having a sound sleep pattern 
  • Stress management 

Vocal About Issues So that Mental Health is Improved

The one thing that often feigns ignorance towards is that we have separate categories for both mental and health. They are obviously different but they can collaborate every once in a while. According to males, men are often prone to mental issues. 

They tend to face serious repercussions in these matters and because of such inabilities, they are not able to be clear in their thought process. All such matters culminate to form the very basics of mental health issues which then become more aggressive with each passing day. 

Thus it is important to pay attention and its struggles so that you do not have to face something bigger and larger than what you are already going through. 

The Recent Acceptance Scenario 

Well, we have already established the fact that people are becoming more and more open about their mental health struggles and society is now accepting them with all their flaws. This is a productive manner in which things are starting to take a turn for the greater good. The taboo subjects are being made understood by the wider audience so that the people are able to both comprehend and empathize with those who are keeping on a brave face. 


Mental health is an important subject that is getting all the necessary limelight in this century. But the need to understand it properly and effectively is still apparent. You cannot say that now that you are vocal it is the end of your journey, on the contrary, it might be the start of something that you have yet to finish. 

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