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Are Crypto Faucets Legit? Do They Really Pay?

The cryptocurrency industry is growing its popularity very rapidly & methods of acquiring it. Cryptocurrencies are digital assets you can buy, stake, and trade with other crypto or fiat money. However, all these methods involve your real money, but there is an easy way to obtain these cryptocurrencies for free. This is where crypto faucets come into the picture. 

What are crypto faucets?

Crypto faucets are sites or mobile apps that reward you with a small amount of crypto in exchange for completing simple tasks like playing games, watching videos, solving puzzles, visiting websites, etc. You must have seen the tiny drops of water dripping from our bathroom faucets because crypto faucets also give a tiny amount of crypto; it’s got a name from the same concept. Satoshi is the smallest unit of BTC that is rewarded to the users frequently for completing tasks. Initially, there were only Bitcoin faucets available, but now the industry has Ethereum, Litecoin, and a variety of multi-crypto faucets.

Are crypto faucets legit?

Yes, crypto faucets are legit, offering free crypto to their users. Although not all are legit, you can detect fake ones with simple observations. Usually, a reputed one has a decent professional website design & fake ones have sketchy designs. Legit crypto faucets always have SSL certificates which indicate a secure website.

You can select the crypto faucet from our below-mentioned list to get assurance of legitimacy. These legit crypto faucets play an essential role in the crypto industry. Faucets let users become comfortable with digital cryptocurrency, how it works, and how to operate it, and helps to understand blockchain technology.

When you create an account on crypto faucets, you start earning crypto, which you have to withdraw, so the wallet concept comes into the picture. So through faucets, you can understand the use of the wallet, decentralized storage, blockchain transaction, etc. Using real money to buy crypto coins is a bit of a financially risky move, but a crypto faucet gives free crypto, which you can withdraw into your wallet. We recommend you try crypto faucets to get a hand on cryptocurrency and send/receive it for operations. This way, you will not lose money but earn real free crypto without investment. 

Do crypto faucets really pay?

Yes, crypto faucet websites really pay their users in the form of cryptocurrency in exchange for completing simple tasks. But, the payout comes with certain conditions, which differ from faucet to faucet. 

  • Payment Quantity: Most crypto faucets pay a tiny amount of coins. These coins also have specific values per faucet, so they pay approximately 50 to 500 coins for completing particular tasks. You can earn more by completing tasks or using their referral programs. 
  • Timer: This is a time when you need to wait to receive free rewards from the faucets. The time varies from 5 minutes to one hour. When you use PTC ads for earning crypto through faucets, you need to wait on that particular website for a certain period. This time is usually 8 to 40 seconds or more, depending on the advertisers. The longer the waiting time is, the more coins you can accumulate. 
  • Withdrawal Limit: you can withdraw your crypto into your private wallet, but it has a withdrawal limit. You need to acquire the number of coins to reach the withdrawal limit & after that, you can easily withdraw. Some faucets also offer cash withdrawals or gift card withdrawals. 
  • Referral Program: When you refer friends to make an account on faucets, you receive rewards. Some faucets offer one-time rewards & some give recurring where you get 50% of your friend’s earnings every time they complete tasks. 
  • Other Earning Methods: you can complete surveys, watch videos & click on short links to increase your earnings, but we recommend not using short links because most of the time, these links are spammy. 

Top 6 legit crypto faucets with instant payouts

We have reviewed all the crypto faucets and picked up blow mentioned six legit faucets that offer instant payouts. 

  • Freebitcoin io: This is the bitcoin faucet where you can earn up to $300 worth of bitcoins every hour. It has more than 700000 registered users and offers instant withdrawals. You can refer your friends & earn 50% off what they make. On Freebitcoin io, users have earned 850 bitcoins till now, so you can also have a chance to win it. 
  • Faucet Crypto: This is also the most popular crypto faucet. Here you can play games & perform simple tasks to earn their coins. This coin has a fixed dollar value & doesn’t fluctuate like other cryptocurrencies. To gather in-depth information about this faucet, you should read the Faucet Crypto review on the internet.  
  • Coinpayu: Coinpayu is also an entirely free & legit faucet that allows users to earn bitcoin by viewing ads. The website has a mobile-friendly design so you can earn it anywhere. Coinpayu offers more than 5 free daily claims to its users. 
  • Cointiply: It is a bitcoin faucet where users can earn free bitcoins by installing apps, completing surveys, viewing ads, etc. Cointiply has a desktop website as well as an android app. It has a good withdrawal system without any fees. 
  • Allcoin: It is a multi-crypto faucet where users can access 10 cryptos. You get 2 free daily claims & offer high-paying bitcoin ads for more earnings. The website offers two-factor authentication for securing your account. 
  • Satoshihero: It allows you to earn free bitcoin by claiming free faucets & playing games. You can also stake your earned satoshi to maximize your earnings. The guaranteed ways to earn free bitcoins in Satoshihero are referral programs, completing surveys, and offers. It is mobile-friendly & offers instant automatic bitcoin payouts. 

Crypto faucets are the easiest way to earn free crypto coins without investing a single penny. You can withdraw earnings in your private wallet, which makes this faucet system more legit & authentic. You can use all the above-mentioned crypto faucets to earn extra income by performing simple tasks from home. 

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