Avoid these errors while purchasing bridal Artificial jewellery

Brides-to-be run the risk of making blunders when selecting their bridal artificial jewellery because there are so many things to accomplish. Following are some typical mistakes that brides make when browsing for bridal jewellery. We hope that this will prevent you from falling for the same traps:

1) Purchasing artificial jewellery before outfits

Jewellery purchases made before the wedding dress can be dangerous. Brides-to-be frequently end up purchasing something other than what they originally intended to. Only after the bride chooses what to wear can the jewellery, shoes, and other accessories are chosen. If a bride, for instance, has already purchased a traditional ethnic jewellery set, she won’t be able to wear a modern bridal ensemble that would call for modern artificial jewellery.

2) Artificial jewellery that complements the bridal attire

You probably won’t put on your wedding lehenga or saree again. Therefore, it is not necessary to purchase a bridal kundan jewellery set that is an identical match to the attire. Choose classic designs as a result. A saree or a salwar-kameez should be worn with earrings and bangles that can be worn separately. Keep in mind that jewellery is a costly purchase. So don’t just focus on the wedding day!

3) Neglecting the neckline

While wearing bridal jewellery like a kundan dulhan jewellery set is enjoyable. If the neckline is the wrong one, it may completely spoil your appearance. The greatest neckline for wedding lehengas is a deep round one so you can show off your bridal jewelery. Sweetheart necklines are perfect if you want to wear a kundan bridal choker set with a pendant drop. Make sure your lehenga’s neckline matches your artificial jewellery so the two look good together.

4) Ignoring face cut:

Just because an ethnic necklace set appears attractive on a model in an advertisement doesn’t mean that it will do the same for you. Choose a piece of jewelry that enhances your face rather than something trendy. Wear your wedding attire and tie your hair while trying on artificial jewellery because it is most likely how you will appear on the wedding day.

5) Overlooking to contrast: 

The best approach to make your imitation jewellery set stand out is to contrast it. The jewelry can match the dress in terms of color, but it should be deeper so that it contrasts with the light outfit rather than blending in. Choose rubies, for instance, if your attire is light pink. Using several hues in contrast is another option. These days, it’s also fashionable to wear an emerald necklace with a pink, scarlet, or maroon lehenga.

6) Wearing too many ethnic necklace at once:

 First, decide on the focal necklace before purchasing a stacked artificial necklace. So that the overall effect is clean, choose simple layered necklaces. A major fashion faux pas is wearing overlapping necklaces that cover the primary necklace. Limit the number of stacked necklaces you wear to one or two at most. The idea of wearing an overlapping necklace should be completely abandoned if you want to wear a large statement necklace.

7) Strapless dress & gowns with Kundan necklace:

Combining western clothing with Indian jewelry is thought to be among the most daring fashion decisions. You’ll look amazing on the red carpet if you wear a black strapless dress with a kundan artificial jewellery set. In reality, several actors and models have already tried this mix, and the results weren’t good. Wearing the kundan necklace with the gown makes it easy to make an immediate fashion statement.

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Why is artificial jewellery safe to keep at Home?

Many would-be brides and their families these days prefer that the bride wears artificial jewellery set on her wedding day due to theft being a regular concern. Modern criminals find fine jewellery to be an easy target because it is far too pricey. There are no such problems with artificial and stylish jewellery. Even if they are taken, you can always exhale in relief that you are left without any affordable jewelry pieces. Additionally, you are constantly worried about losing or misplacing actual metallic diamonds while you wear them. You can unwind and enjoy the occasion on your wedding day if you wear counterfeit jewellery. Shop from Swarajshop !!!

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