There’s nothing more satisfying than taking an idea from conception to execution and your home is no different, whether you’re planning a new kitchen, bedroom or bathroom IP Kamera you want to make sure your new room is fresh, sleek and stylish Visiting your home is stunning for everyone. In the current climate, the opportunity to express yourself with a newly furnished room may be less, but the desire for change remains. However, there are many ways to accessorize your existing bathroom into something new without the need to replace the bath, toilet and sink and with it the added expense.

A place to house the bar of soap

Bathroom accessories have often been seen as a necessity, needing a place for that bar of soap, toothbrush and toilet paper roll and a product that you would just buy at the store, fit and never think twice about. As the bathroom is now viewed as a fashionable space where creativity and design are expressed, manufacturers have looked at all elements of the bathroom to try to provide the consumer with exactly what they want, a range of choices and styles that suit any environment. Bathroom accessories are now as important in the bathroom showroom as the bathroom itself, and many suppliers complement their bathroom suites with a range of accessories to match.

Manufacturers have thought of everything, with an accessory for every situation, from the humble coat hook on the back of the bathroom door, to the toothbrush and cup holder, to the necessities of towel rails and toilet paper holders. These finishing touches for your bathroom speak volumes as they are at the forefront of bathroom fashion while offering simple and elegant designs for products suitable for everyday use. Accessories are now big business with upsells and also the element of supplier branding. For those who see the maker of their bathroom products as a key selling point, being able to purchase eponymous accessories provides a consistent brand presence in the space and a sense of security. Branded products are usually bought to inspire confidence in the brand like any other product bought at home and while you are paying more for an item you are paying for the quality and longevity.

What size bathtub could be installed?

In the current economy, the first port of call is no longer the tape measure to see what size bathtub could be fitted, but the internet to see what accessories are available and what best complements the current bathroom range. Giving your bathroom a subtle but effective facelift can sometimes be more effective, and more importantly, less expensive than starting from scratch. You should also keep in mind that these accessories are built to last. So if you decide to install a new bathroom, these accessories can follow you as their timeless and stylish look suits any environment.

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Duravit bathroom – an elegant addition to your home

Duravit has been active since 1817. This German company originally made tableware and is now one of the most well-known bathroom product companies in the world.

With so much importance being attached to the bathroom these days, Duravit bathrooms are focal points in any home and help add value to the property while remaining functional and practical for the family.

Most homeowners these days are opting for luxurious designers, spa-inspired themes, and focal products to create a space that is relaxing while remaining functional that the whole family can enjoy.

Rainfall showers and freestanding bathtubs are the top choices for homeowners looking for ways to enhance their bathroom while still enjoying all the luxuries these items offer.

Duravit bathrooms are modern

Duravit bathrooms are modern, stylish, elegant and functional and, thanks to the large selection, can be easily integrated into any bathroom design.

The Blue Moon product, for example, is the ultimate in luxury. A large whirlpool bath with underwater lighting, the perfect way to unwind after a long day at the office.

There are a number of important factors to consider when designing a Duravit bathroom. The main criterion is the room size. It’s so important to create a design that complements the space available.

Smaller bathrooms can’t benefit from the luxury of a freestanding bathtub, but you can compromise and choose a rain shower, for example. The most important consideration is floor space, never compromise your floor space. Rather design the room so that it feels comfortable and spacious, even if it is small.

The next decision in the color scheme. This is another important consideration, especially if you’re working with a smaller space. Smaller spaces benefit from light and brightness, the benefit being that most Duravit bathrooms are bright white which already makes the room feel lighter. Choose light colors for the floor and walls, which will immediately make the room feel bigger than it is.