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We are going to explain everything about building grip strength while climbing, after that we’ll review the six best grip strengtheners for climbers. If you want to build up your core strength and worry about weak forearms and finger joints; then you are at the right place. Because in this article we’ll talk about the best hand and finger grip strengthener for climbing. One of the easy and effective ways to build handgrip strength is doing hand strengthening exercises with a high-quality grip strengthener. With this hand strengthening equipment, you can train your hand and fingers too, and you can perform these exercises at your office desk, while reading books, or watching your favourite series. We will mention hand grippers which are portable travel friendly, and most importantly they are extremely effective.
So, Let’s get started!

First, we talk about the Hand Exercise tool for Climbing

Are you searching for equipment to advance your forearm strength, dexterity, endurance and muscular tone? Then the following product will help you in the same.

The IronMind Captain of Crush

The IronMind Captain of Crush is also recommended as the golden standard grip strengthener for forearm muscle building. Stanford Magazine has featured The IronMind Captain of Crush as the gold standard hand strengthening equipment, which further strengthens its brand value as one of the best hand training units in the world.

This hand gripper made from Knurled, aircraft-grade aluminium handles along with GR8 Springs. This kind of hand gripper offers a more specific and secure grip than simply a rubber product. In addition, it comes with eleven different strength levels to opt from, ranging from 60 pounds to 350 pounds. The Knurled aluminium handles are best for weight lifters, athletic persons, rock climbers, and bodybuilders. However, if you are a beginner, you should keep in mind simple knurling may hurt your hands initially, but if you continue to do this at least twice a week, your hands will become stronger.


• Made from solid aluminium and steel with optimum durability
• Get a professional grade product
• Featured with a wide range of resistance
• Corrosion-resistant
• Effective yet classic design


• You can’t adjust the tension level.

Longgang Hand Grip Strengthener for Climbing

When it comes to hand strengthening tools, we always recommend you to use the highest quality hand gripper that you can afford. After all, grip strengthening is a part of core development exercise, so a wrong step would seriously injure your hand.
Longgang Hand Grip Strengthener is a very affordable yet high-quality hand gripper that permits all safety precautions required for an athlete. This equipment is versatile, effective, and doesn’t burn your pocket as well. Though it is not a sophisticated option effectively does its job. It offers resistance levels from 11 lbs to 132 lbs, these features are handy for beginners also.


• It comes with comfortable rubber padding that allows you to exercise for an extended period
• Build with high-quality stainless-steel springs thus tension adjustment work very well
• It is versatile yet affordable


• It is not appropriate for heavy training

Kootek Hand Grip Strengthener

It is famous for its adjustability. You can adjust it by fixing the ring counterclockwise to loosen it up, slide the handle along its length and screw it back to increase or decrease the resistance level you’re comfortable with. The increased distance between the handles and the coil reduces the tension you’ll receive. Kootek Hand gripper comes with Knurled aluminium grip which makes it highly slip-resistant. Apart from its adjustability, this gripper is specifically built with heavy-duty aluminium which means it has enough durability.


• Variable resistance from 50 to 150 pounds
• Comes in an attractive design
• Budget-friendly effective option
• Ergonomic, non-slip handles


• Sometimes Screw-top handles are difficult to adjust

Let’s introduce a Finger strengthener

The Prohandsgripmaster

The Pro hand Gripmaster is the first spring-loaded, finger-piston finger exerciser available in the market. It is not similar to a traditional Grip strengthening device that designed with two handles. The Pro hand Gripmaster designed with separated buttons for your fingers to click. Thus each of your fingers faces effective challenges to build strength.

Exercise with grip master comes in three different strengths ranging from 7 lbs to 11 lbs per finger. It is very much effective for CrossFit athletes who prefer to have a moderate intensity grip strengthener to intensify their training or cure a finger injury.


• It is extremely lightweight, it comes in only 3 ponds
• It gives your finger the opportunity to exercise individually
• This hand gripper is very effective to treat hand injury, arthritis, Carpal tunnel, Poor blood circulation in hands, and neuropathy


• It has a plastic tip which can be harsh for your finger
• It has the highest resistance which might not be effective for some patients
• You have no option to automate tension level

We have mentioned the Best hand grip strengthening for climbing; choose one of them according to your requirements and budget; Then see the result after 3 months, you will notice the difference in hands and entire health; Afterall grip strength is a biomarker of our health.

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