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What is a summer fragrance?

Summer is a season of tropical fruits and blooming flowers. So let’s have a look at particular summer fragrances. Say goodbye to warm winter fragrances and embrace fruity and tropical summer ones.

A summer fragrance evaporates more intensely and lasts longer. People like tropical or fruity smells in summer as they go with the season vibe. Hot weather increases the demand of using perfumes. Berries, citrus, and white floral notes are the preferred ones in summer.

In this article, you will get an idea about the best summer fragrances and how you can choose them. You will also come to know the difference between summer and winter fragrances. Lastly, you will get recommendations for the four best summer fragrances.

How to choose a  summer fragrance?

There are two aims for choosing a summer fragrance.

  • Quick evaporation
  • Long-lasting

The problem with choosing an ideal fragrance for summer is that long-lasting perfumes can not qualify for a summer scent. Perfumes are not packed as summer fragrances. They just have the features that make them loved by the people in summer.

Here are some tips to choose your favorite summer fragrance.

  • Tropical or citrus notes are loveable in summer due to their refreshing effect.
  • Check for the notes of the perfume for their long-lasting effect because perfumes are an important part of personal hygiene in the sweaty season.
  • You can test the longevity of fragrance by keeping a test strip out in sun for a period of 8 hours. As you expect your fragrance is refreshing enough to make you feel great all day.

Summer vs winter fragrance

There are no hard and fast rules for wearing fragrances. Avoid strong fragrances in closed spaces. Summer and winter fragrances contain different notes.

Winter perfumes contain strong and heavier notes while summer fragrances have lighter and fruity notes.

Woody fragrances are preferable in winter because of the warmth and strong aromas associated with them. People love tropical fruity smells in summer. Some lovely notes of summer fragrances are

  • Fruity notes–The summer season is rich in mango, strawberry, citrus, and peaches so the loved fragrances are fruity ones in summer.
  • Floral notes–Flowers bloom and flourish in summer and are abundant in quantity so the floral notes are must-haves for summer.
  • Oceana notes– Perfumes remind of ocean vibes that are loved in summer.

Summer fragrances cover a larger area and tend to stay longer as compared to winter ones. Winter fragrances release slowly.

Best perfumes in Pakistan

Souk galleria offers one of the best perfumes in Pakistan. We have a wide range of summer fragrances for our clients. We offer high-quality products that will keep you fresh all day long. Let us have a look at our best summer fragrances.

Intense Orchid

It has a combination of spicy-woody combination.  Top notes have oranges and grapefruits with crisp cedar later on. Try the best perfume in Pakistan.

Majestic Royale

Add some royal feelings to your wardrobe try our best perfumes in Pakistan. It has fruity top notes. An ideal summer fragrance with a combination of fruity and floral notes.

Shabaab al Motia

Try this soothing fragrance of motia known as Jasmine of the East. It gives you the natural fragrance of motia from the Himalayas. Fresh motia fragrance is great for your long summer days. Give it a try.

Rose Valentino

Rose is a favorite of everyone. Try this luxurious fragrance of rose in summer. Feel the freshness of roses with fruity notes. The top notes have black currant, lily valley, and bergamot along with rose fragrances in the heart note. The aroma is fresh along with the warmth of musk and sugary vanilla at the base notes.


So, summer is on the way. Try our fragrances and have a great time ahead. We hope you find this article helpful in deciding the best fragrance for you this summer. Souk galleria has the best perfumes in Pakistan. Feel great and enthusiastic this summer.

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