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This is the time to take advantage of our facility’s availability of Continental Tyres Andover. The features that Continental offers are extremely popular. This is because of their superior quality as well as their better productivity of them. You have the option of purchasing these tyres at our location instantly, or you can order a pair digitally and arrange a consultation for a fitting as well. In addition, we offer affordable pricing for mobile tyre installation services.

Different Types of Continental Tyres

Our collection includes a comprehensive selection of Continental tyres for use on a wide variety of automobile types and brands.

This fantastic German brand is responsible for some of our most popular items, including:

Summer Tyres:

Because of the unconventional shape of the tread on these units, they provide improved grip. They likewise cut stopping distances down by a significant amount. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about your driving being unsafe. Because of their unparalleled resilience to hydroplaning, they continue to operate admirably even while operating on wet surfaces. These Continental automobile tyres have greater endurance thanks to the use of hard rubber compositions. Because of this, selecting them is also a cost-effective choice.

Winter Tyres:

Continental’s winter tyres have a comprehensive selection of safety and performance characteristics. They make certain that your time spent behind the wheel is risk-free and enjoyable. Even in challenging conditions, the braking performance of these tyres is at its absolute peak. These winter units offer a solid turning ability on snow and ice thanks to the characteristics that they have.

All-Season Tyres:

Are you seeking year-round handling efficiency and a superior grip? Any time of year is a good time to get an all-season unit by Continental. When temperatures are milder, these tyres provide solid stopping and gripping ability.

In addition to the units described above, we also stock the accompanying models of Continental tyres:

  • Performance tyres
  • 4×4 tyres
  • Run-flats, etc.

Therefore, if you have any questions or concerns about tyres, feel free to get in touch with us.

How Are the Industry’s Leading Tyre Makers, Such as Continental, Rising to the Task of Producing EV Tyres?

As the need for electric vehicles (EVs) continues to rise, the tyre manufacturing sector is adapting to meet that need. To accommodate the unique needs of electric vehicles, engineers are developing advanced tyres with several unique characteristics.

The weight of electric vehicles is greater. There is also the additional burden of the battery’s weight. Because of this, the tyres will wear out much more quickly. Therefore, electric vehicle tyres have thicker sidewalls and use more durable rubber formulations.

A longer stopping distance is the result of a larger weight as well as a rise in inertia. The emphasis is thus put on having the best possible hold.

There has never been a time when there was a greater need for less rolling resistance than there is now due to quick torque, more load, and emissions reductions. As a result, electric vehicle tyres provide a ride that is both more comfortable and economical.

Do You Take Care of the Tyres on Your EV?

When driving an electric automobile in particular, you should make an effort to prevent sudden acceleration. Because of this behavior and the additional load of the vehicle, the tyres may experience wear and tear over time. Additionally, electric vehicles have the propensity to wear down the inner edge of the tyre over time. Therefore, frequent inspections of the wheel alignment and the inner surface of the tyre for indications of wear are both very necessary.

Install Tyres Andover on the vehicle that is either specific to the weather or that are all-season. Therefore, you shouldn’t drive on summer tyres in the winter or conversely. When the weather turns chilly, summer tyres quickly wear out. They use a more difficult chemical. This will turn rigid and brittle when temperatures are below zero. Winter tyres, on the other hand, contain a rubber composition that remains supple in the cold. However, as the temperature rises, it will get even thinner, which will result in more wear.

What Is Instant Torque?

In a surprise twist, electric vehicles may generate significant thrust even while idling. Instant torque is the term for this phenomenon. This is because, in contrast to the conventional inner combustion motor, the method by which electric automobiles create electricity and transmit that force toward the wheels of the car is unique. Even if the vehicle is capable of accelerating from a complete stop in a startlingly short amount of time, the driver should try to avoid using excessive acceleration so as not to damage the tyres.

What Should You Keep In Mind While Shopping for Tyres for an Electric Vehicle?

Be careful to strive for tyres that mention they are for electric automobiles since they will give you the best results:

Examine the Load Index of the Tyres

The answer to this question affects the extent to which the tyres on the car are capable of supporting the load of the vehicle. The sidewalls of electric vehicle tyres are stronger for better durability.

When There Is a Greater Amount of Weight, the Stopping Distance Increases

Therefore, it is important to select a set of tyres that have the highest quality rubber composition that is available. Even for large electric vehicles, the use of high-quality rubber may increase braking efficiency.

Analyze the Rolling Resistance

This is of far greater significance for conventional automobiles than it is for electric ones. Tyres with a low friction coefficient will last longer in the face of the additional wear that comes with high immediate torque. When there is less friction between the road and the tyres, there is a gain in both effectiveness and range, as well as an improvement in the durability of the Tyres Andover.

Low Decibel Levels Are Essential

Because there is no distracting conventional internal combustion motor in an electric vehicle, the sound of the tyres will be much easier to hear.

The quick torque that electric automobiles provide contributes to a rise in the amount of deterioration that occurs. That’s why experts formulate rubber compositions for optimal strength.

The technology behind electric vehicles is starting to become more widespread, and drivers are growing more comfortable with using them. You may have to spend more money on tyres. However, maintenance expenses often aren’t as high as people think. This is because electric vehicles do not have any of the many moving components that are necessary to operate an internal combustion motor. Consequently, there are fewer moving components and fewer potential points of failure.

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