Counter Display Boxes

A cosmetic display box is usually seen in retail stores and shopping malls to give life to the area. These boxes are used for displaying a product directly to the customers. These are either standard or customized with regard to size and shape. They are either big (kept on the floor) or small (stayed on the counter). The box can be made up of cardboard or paper.

Let’s think of a retail store with no box. Such a store will be extremely messy, and a high- level of difficulty arises for the shopkeeper when a customer enters to get a product. Moreover, it would be difficult for the seller to find at the earliest what has been asked for.

Benefits of Cosmetic Display Box

For the seller, there are various benefits of using a Counter Display packaging as follows;

Retail store decor

You can consider the counter display box a retail store decor as it gives an elegant and tidy look.


The retail store with counter display boxes seems well-organized and therefore attractive. However, an untidy store where each brand for a similar product is mixed reduces the number of customer visits.

Occupy less space

The products occupy less space when kept in Well-designed counter display boxes than those held without boxes. Have you ever entered a supermarket and found all brands of similar products on one shelf? Supermarkets are the most organized shopping area where thousands of products are managed using display boxes or trays.


The durability of the box can be discovered by the material used to prepare it. Counter display packaging is typically made of cardboard and is therefore long-lasting. Paperboard boxes are also kind enough to be used for a company’s period.

Light in weight

The lightweight comfort attached to the counter display box allows the shopkeeper to quickly move it from one place to another.

You can recycle featured display boxes.

Power of Counter Display Box

Counter display box printing can encourage buyers to last moment shopping. Take an example of a supermarket where your mother visits to get groceries and, reaching the counter, finds some chocolates of different brands in a counter box. But, of course, if you are a mother, you’d consider your child and get one for them.

Again take an example of a supermarket where you went to get ingredients to prepare your dish, and you forget one component that you then found at the counter in the counter display box.

The above two examples will clarify the importance of a counter display box for a retailer and the buyers (sometimes).

Featured Counter Display Box

Counter display box plays a vital role in increasing a retail store’s sales as it forces the customers to buy another product when reaching the counter, i.e., after done with planned shopping. Although the design of the featured display box is quite simple, it offers attraction to the buyer. Posting the best deals at the counter will make you rich earlier than you’ve thought.

A featured box will be printed using trendy and eye-catchy colors. It will have the name mentioned of the products kept for display. Although, the box might have six or three sections depending on the need of the retail store. These boxes are folded, i.e., when not needed; you can put these aside.

Unplanned shopping has always been a great pleasure to buyers, and encouraging them at the counter is the retailer’s success. The display box can also be a part of the company’s promotional strategy. For example, Wall’s – a big name in the ice cream industry, offers a freezer to the retail stores and supermarkets in which all Walls’ ice-creams are kept. There are many other examples if you observe your surroundings.

Where to buy it?

Featured counter display boxes are available on various platforms in multiple shapes and sizes. Customized counter display boxes are offered at a rate lower than the entire industry. The quality of these boxes provided and their printing is a guarantee so the packaging company can attain that customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Go Custom Boxes is further known for offering value-added benefits and fulfilling the company’s packaging needs. These are as follows;

1-Enhanced reputation

Reputation is crucial for any business. A high positive reputation will make you reach your business above the sky, but you will shut down businesses with poor reputations due to no sales. However, building a reputation is not so easy. First, one must do much for the society (stakeholder).

Regarding the packaging industry, eco-friendly packaging is loved by consumers as you can recycle it for use. For example, custom boxes offer packages prepared with 100% recyclable material. This then boosts the reputation of companies choosing this packaging for their product.

2-Free customer-care support

The free customer care facility is an exceptional benefit for existing and potential buyers. They can question and get detailed information about packaging and printing. Hence, this benefit will facilitate the buyer’s decision.

3-High- quality ink

The ink used for printing is of high- quality so that it does not spread all around.

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