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The retention of existing customers isn’t only a cost-effective strategy to boost sales. But is also an important factor for businesses to thrive in this competitive market. It is impossible to acquire new customers continuously without focusing on customer loyalty because it could eventually end your company. Given this, wouldn’t you need to take steps to maintain your current customers?

The right packaging insert will make you stand out and exceed the expectations of your current customers. But what exactly is that? Packaging inserts are additional that e-commerce sellers can add to their shipments before sending the parcel to their clients and are an excellent way to step up your fulfillment and shipping method.

Type of Packaging Inserts that will work best for your E-Commerce Business

Discounts offers are among the most well-known and simple methods of packaging inserts. While we could always send them by email at an affordable cost. Having this type of packaging insert in your box will ensure. Your customers keep the item in their minds rather than putting it in your spam folder for the rest of the time.

With this information, you could be able to offer something like:

  • Free shipping with your next purchase
  • 10% – 25% off your next purchase
  • The gift included with your next purchase

An example is that an online beauty brand called Eden Body Works has prepared several kinds of packaging inserts. Including a 20% discount coupon offer for their next purchase, to keep existing customers.

Product Samples

Each shopper goes through a decision process each time they have to purchase. A product sample provided inside the box could help convince the buyer. To purchase it because they can try it themselves. Direct experience gives an objective method of evaluating and understanding the product’s characteristics.

A free product sample may help you:

  • Introduce your product to your existing customers
  • Develop relationships and encourage loyalty among existing customers
  • Reward customers who return and increase the number of sales

For instance, Morphe, a US beauty store with a base in the United States, provides free product samples in their packaging inserts. So customers can test other products before receiving their purchase.

Unexpected Gift

Like product samples, gifts can also be a great method to please your customers without making them feel like you’re trying to sell them a different product. Incorporating small gifts in the box is ideal for promoting cross-selling and introducing them to new products they don’t know about or are interested in exploring.

An excellent example of shipping an unexpected gift is Green Man Gaming. They’ve included a bag on every order, and it’s completely more than their customers’ expectations. The small, inexpensive gift will make people feel loved and can lead to them talking about the gift on almost every social media network.

Thank you note

A simple thank-you note could make your clients feel appreciated and increase their likelihood to purchase again from you. It’s, therefore, a good idea to include the thank you note in your packaging for your customers. You can do printing a thank-you note and include it along with your order or take it further and make an acknowledgment on your own.

All of us believe a short note will go a long way in establishing the loyalty of your customers and customer satisfaction, so we’ve put together our thank you card.

Request a product review or post on social media

Most of the time, the parcel being shipped generally signifies the end of the transaction between the buyer and seller. So, packaging inserts that ask for reviews of the product or to have customers share the experience via social media is an excellent idea! As a retailer, you could provide a reward to get more customers. To share a picture of your product or write an online review.

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For instance, Starbucks, a coffee shop, has introduced a packaging insert asking customers to write their experiences using the hashtag. To encourage more user-generated content from their customers and even entice customers to share their experiences by offering monthly prizes.

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