Kraft paper pillow boxes

A pillow box also known as a Custom pillow boxes is a special kind of folding carton style that is typically used to package promotional items, small or light products, and gifts.

There are two very common uses for pillow boxes:

  • to present promotional items 
  • package gifts and jewelry.

Pillow boxes can be very appealing as jewelry and gift packaging due to their choice of materials. The eye-catching print motifs, numerous finishing options, and ease of assembly in a retail setting.

Printing customize’ the pillow boxes

Pillow boxes are professionally printed using cutting-edge printing technology. Therefore, produce prints with vivid colors and text that is easy to read. Each pillow box can be completely personalized, making it a one-of-a-kind item that can be personalized to reflect your product’s philosophy with words, images, and logos.

Pillow Boxes can be printed in a variety of shapes and sizes. Custom pillow boxes could be used for anything from big retail stores to small personalized shops or private events like weddings, birthday parties, or corporate events.

Kraft paper pillow boxes

Procuring the pillow boxes on large scale

The personalized gift packaging of this high quality is extremely long-lasting and resistant to scratches. Pillow packaging boxes come flat packed and glued, are simple to assemble, and you can choose between a gloss or mat finish.

Quality is maintained without compromise, and you even get to save money. Although you must purchase a certain number of boxes, the wholesale rates are significantly lower than the standard rates

Advantages of thorough purchase

The cushion box’s foldable access on both sides ensures that it is simple to fill, close, and open. The flat storage and low manufacturing cost are two additional significant benefits of the straightforward design. They are simple to transport and store away when folded flat.

Printed pillow boxes for wholesale  come in a variety of sizes, from a 6 cm box that works well as a jewelry gift box to a 19 cm box that could be used to package food products, retail goods, and personalized gifts. The manufacturer usually offers a minimum bulk order of 100 and a maximum of 10,000.Thus, they offer massive discounts.

Pillow boxes are alluring

Almost every industry uses pillow packaging boxes for product packaging. Cushion boxes can be found on the shelves of grocery stores, electronics stores, and home improvement centers. They are useful, inexpensive to produce, simple to fill, and attractive to the observer.

Creativity adds charisma to pillow boxes

Pillow boxes wholesale, like other folding boxes, can have coatings that are glossy or matte, as well as cold or hot foil stamping that looks like gold, silver, or chrome. Pillow boxes can be packaged in any way you want. Ribbons, bows, and other ornaments are frequently used to decorate pillow boxes that are used as gift packaging.

Wholesale Kraft pillow boxes

Kraft pillow boxes increase sales

Kraft pillow boxes are a premium packaging option with rounded edges. Also an opening lid on one side. Because they resemble pillows, they are referred to as pillow boxes. These boxes can be used to package multiple products because they are made of sturdy material.

Uniqueness and attractiveness are important aspects of brand value creation. In the market. You need to stand out from your rivals from a different angle, style, and perspective.

Pillow boxes for business or brand provide the one-of-a-kind appeal your business or brand requires. The customers will be impressed by the Kraft pillow packaging.

Kraft pillow boxes are a premium packaging option with rounded edges. Also an opening lid on one side.

Features of pillow box packages

Custom pillow boxes appear different as compared to other regular packaging boxes. Some of its features are given below for better understanding:

  • Pillow boxes, in contrast to other kinds of folding boxes, don’t close by folding in a flap. Instead, they close by the tension that its plug-in flaps. The convex shape create: a design that is simple but effective. The large pillow box has good stability and safe protection for the contents because of this structure.
  • One of the custom kraft pillow box’s most intriguing features is the wide range of add-ons available. You might try cutting out a window to let customers see your product before they even open the box.
  • Raised ink printing or gold/silver foiling might be what you want because they fit your branding style. With the die-cut option, you can get a coating of your choice to make the packaging solution more appealing.
  • A see-through window can also be added on the pillow box. which takes a look at what is inside the packaging.

In conclusion

Custom pillow boxes are great for storing small things like clothes and jewelry. And purchasing them in bulk is not a deal of loss in a business, it for sure has numerous advantages. We also print the pillow boxes using various methods and techniques according to the customer’s requirements.  

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