pillow boxes

Pillow boxes are one of the most attractive boxes that can blow the mind of customers away. You can encase all the attractive gifts within these boxes such as candies on birthdays, perfume on Valentine’s Day, and apparel for Christmas Day. Everything just looks amazing within the custom pillow boxes.

If you are thinking to launch any kind of new range regarding your products then having pillow gift boxes is a great idea. Your new gift range will look awesome in this box style. The following are some of the most attractive ideas which you can utilize to elaborate your products accordingly:

Pillow tea Boxes

If you are manufacturing tea and want to add some extra to the packaging then adopt the unique artwork. Just go for designing the outer packaging of the tea pillow box in vintage artwork and follow it with the dark green labels on the top of the pillow box flap to tell the people that you are offering green boxes which are friendly to the environment. 

Further, don’t forget to add the details and the ingredients regarding the tea on the boxes. 

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Wedding Pillow Boxes

These pillow boxes are attractive ones. You can design these by adding all the good additional features to convey the wedding vibes. On wedding occasion, people love to gift people with all nice things which are attractive and looks outstanding. Here you can design the pillow box packaging with amazing additional features.

Let’s design a wedding pillow box. For this add the frame design on the pillow box with the double borders and follow it with a two-tone theme. You can choose a light pink or dark pink color. Following this add the floral imprint all over the box. Hence, your pillow box is ready.

Self-Promotion Box

If you are manufacturing elegant sunglasses and want to promote them then the best idea is to add them in pillow shape packaging. People will love to buy your limited edition product and will enjoy the packaging as well. 

Travel lover’s Cosmetic pillow box 

Yes, you can design cosmetic pillow boxes, especially for people who love to travel. In order to make the boxes look interesting go for adding landscape features or some beautiful destination maps on the boxes. Of this act, people will love to have such incredible boxes. You can create lovely pillow shape boxes to encase the dry shampoos, sunblocks, tinted high SPF lip balms, hydrating masks, etc.

These all products are best as traveling essentials and you can promote your products by providing them with attractive packaging with the theme of “travel lovers”.

Corrugated Pillow Box for Snacks

The corrugated material pillow box looks lavishing as the snack box. Be ready to encase anything yummy within these boxes and make them successful in front of the people. Further, the addition of lace for tying up the corrugated material boxes is a great idea. This will look beautiful and customers will attract to the boxes from a great distance.

Gift Pillow Box

You can find a pillow box on every occasion. This box shape looks really lovely and functional too. For the gift boxes design the outer packaging of the box outstandingly. Choose the silver or gold foiling and label it on the solid black pillow box. Further, the addition of 3d graphics and eye-catching tints is the true game-changer. 

The above discussed are the amazing custom pillow box modification ideas that you can adopt depending upon your business domain. 

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