Discuss hair loss problems and describe their treatments

Hair graft implantation

Without hair, one can live his life and will not affect any of his senses and muscles. But the problem does not lie with living but with looks. People look more attractive with a good hairstyle. But in case any person has a hair loss problem, they will rapidly lose hair in a short time, and thus it will leave some bald spots or leave you with a completely bald head. Men usually develop this problem more commonly than women. And men remain quite upset and insecure about their bald spots. They often want to avoid going out and meeting new people. Friends often make fun of their baldness which makes the person frustrated and embarrassed. They even try homemade methods suggested by their friends and family, but these methods usually never work.

And if those methods have side effects, they can worsen their condition. Instead, it would help if you went for the best ut also many young boys have this issue. If you cannot grow hair naturally, it does not mean you should lose hope of having a good hairstyle. You can find a suitable treatment by consulting a good professional. Such effective treatments are available at a well-known Hair Transplant Clinic in vizag.

Hair transplant has two types

  1. Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)
  2. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Let’s know about them in a little bit more in detail

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT):

This surgery is quicker than FUE. It usually takes 4 to 8 hours. FUT is a minimally invasive surgery. The surgeon gives you local anaesthesia to numb your scalp. Then the surgery will begin by cutting a strip of skin from the scalp, maybe from the back of your head. To do this, the surgeon will redraw a hairline and mark the area from which he will extract the hair. The surgeon will remove the individual hair follicles from the strip for transplantation and then insert them into the balding parts of your scalp. After all these procedures, they will apply antibiotics and bandages to your scalp.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE):

In FUE treatment, the surgeon will take out hair follicles from one part where hair follicles are thicker and transplant them to the balding scalp. You guessed it right. You can not have FUE treatment if you do not have enough hair in other parts of your body to cover your bald spots. This procedure will take more than one session that lasts 2 – 4 hours, meaning you have to visit the hospital multiple times. After the Hair Transplant, the surgeon will cover the area with bandages to avoid infections.

Now you know which surgery seems suitable for you. But you must consult the doctors before any decision. You can visit or contact VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre for any of the above effective treatments.