Do you know that American youth is known to be spending 7 hours online per day? (dissertationwritinghelp, 2020) . If a youth is already spending so much time on technology then why can’t it be for academic purposes? We were all prepared for the online system of education but we never imagined it to be too quick. Our education systems were gradually shifting towards a virtual system in the form of the academic assistance that students have been taking Math class from online platforms. However; the sudden rise of covid-19 and the pandemic brought with it made things faster and the whole education system took a virtual turn.

“Online Education is Like a Rising Tide, it’s Going to Lift all Boats.”

Now; sooner or later everybody related to the education system has to adapt to this change; the sooner, the better. My Math Class Online” or “assist me in my online physics class”, but now students have got used to it.

How Does Online Maths Teaching Work?

Teaching Maths through online classes is a little difficult for teachers to teach and for students to understand. This is why teachers try to learn technology and adapt different techniques to keep the students involved in the lecture.

Different teachers use different methods to teach Math through online platforms. Some types/write all of the equations and their steps so that students can comprehend them easily while some orally narrate them. Picture guides always help the students in understanding the topic in a better way. Teachers must use productive teaching methods so that they would prefer to attend their classes themselves instead of buying “Take My Class Online For Me services.”

Benefits of Taking Online Maths Classes:

There are quite many benefits of taking online Maths classes, some of those are mentioned below:

1.     No Geographical Obstacles:

One of the biggest benefits of taking online maths classes is that student is not bounded by any sort of geographical chains, the same scenario applies to the teacher as well. You can learn about maths from anywhere in the world.

2.     Learning at an Individual’s Pace:

As each student learns individually through an online maths class so he won’t feel embarrassed even while asking the silliest of questions. He can ask about the topics that seem to be incomprehensible to him and can take assistance from different digital platforms as well. Besides, it has been observed that the students taking a greater number of online courses were more likely to engage in quantitative reasoning (Miller, 2018). 

3.     Cost-Effective:

As students, as well as a teacher, don’t have to leave their home and reach the educational institute to teach math’s so a lot of expenses gets reduces including transportation fees, etc. This is why the online maths class teaching proves to be beneficial on pocket as well.

4.     Convenient:

What can be a more convenient place than one’s own home, this system of taking Math Class online proves to be convenient for the teacher as well as students! They don’t have to get up early in the morning to take a bath, get ready, and have breakfast on time rather they can get up five minutes before the class starts and after taking it, they can go back to sleep.

5.     Improves Technical Skills:

One of the most important skills that maths students must have for better job opportunities is good technical skills. So, this online class system prepares the students to deal with technology and to get acquainted with it which comes in handy in the long run.

6.     Well-Sorted Class:

Another benefit of virtual maths class taking is that it is well sorted and organized than the traditional Math Class. There is not much disturbance and nuisance as students can’t speak with one another which is why the noise gets reduced. The communication that takes place is either the lecture of the teacher, or the messages, files, and videos sent through the mail.

7.     Online Quizzes:

The online platform comes with a lot of apps and software through which quizzes and activities can be taken. These maths quizzes and activities will keep the students more interested in the class as they are fun plus productive.

Disadvantages of Taking Online Maths Classes:

Everything comes with its pros and cons, and so does the virtual system of teaching maths. Following are some of the disadvantages of this latest addition in the lives of students.

1.     Difficulty in Understanding:

Maths is a subject that needs to be taught in written form. Even a miss out of a single step makes it difficult for the student to understand the equation. This is why during a virtual class system, it gets a little difficult for the teacher to teach everything step-by-step which ultimately makes it difficult for the students to comprehend.

2.     Connectivity Error:

The biggest setback of the online Math Class system is the connectivity problems. A slight disruption in the connection of the internet can result in missing some important points of the class which makes it impossible for the student to catch up because Maths is not the subject in which even a single step can be missed out.

3.     Struggle with Technology:

Some students and most teachers are not that acquainted with technology which makes it extremely difficult for them to teach Math Class. Sometimes; they struggle so much with technology that more than half of class time gets wasted on it.


The new system of education has changed the academic lifestyle of students as well as teachers. The benefits of taking online Maths classes as well as its disadvantages have been mentioned in the above post. So; the readers can make their opinion according to the stated facts.  


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