How to Draw a Ponytail?

Draw a ponytail by pulling in just nine easy steps! Hairstyle is as essential as facial features when removing human sculptures. A ponytail is one of the numerous typical and restful ways to pull your coat up, so that’s precisely what we’re bearing to comprehend how to draw in this tutorial. Cool things to draw

We’ve created a step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a ponytail, summarized in 9 quick and easy steps. Plus, each instruction has an accompanying illustration as a visual guide as you follow the steps. Have fun, and enjoy your artistic skills!

How To Draw A Ponytail – Allows Reach Initiated!

Step 1

Begin by pulling a perfect circle shape to complete the procedure of the character’s head. Recognize, and avoid pushing too hard with your pencil when drafting. It is essential to draw with light strokes to easily remove some parts of the outline that you may not need later.

As you can see in the illustration above, the head system is off-center and positioned slightly towards the lower left side. This ensures that there is enough space for the character’s entire head as well as their hair tied in a ponytail.

Step 2 – Make an Overview of the Character’s Leader

Draw several curved, sharp sculptures tied to the lid of nature’s authority. This makes your personality bang. Complete foolproof, each tuft hiding in the holes counters scarcely in figure and consistency.

It causes the fur to glance more lifelike. Confirm the hairline contains the room above the forehead and extends to the head’s right flank. Don’t fail to erase the head outline’s upper part, which overlaps the hair!

Step 3 – Next, draw your character’s hairline

Draw a curved line at the top of your character’s head on the left side. This forms the mid-section hair fringe.

Step 4 – Next, draw the top of the hair

Extend the curved line we drew earlier until it encompasses the top of the head. Next, draw a semicircle surrounding the curved line we drew earlier. This creates the entire top of your character’s head.

The hair is almost done, as shown in the illustration above. Now all that’s missing is the ponytail itself, which we’ll draw in the following steps.

Step 5: Draw the elastic that holds the ponytail.

Draw a shorter curved bar at the top of the personality’s leader. This includes the rubber bar that your feel sports. This is also where the ponytail will come from when we draw it in the next step.

Step 6 – Next, draw the top part of the ponytail

Draw a curved line from the rubber band we drew in the previous step. This forms the top part of the ponytail. The configuration of the curved bar turns on how tall you want the ponytail to be. The more increased the slope of the curve, the higher the ponytail.

Step 7: Finalize the ponytail structure.

Open the bars of the ponytail until you contact the chosen measurement. Next, draw a pointed end to finalize the structure of the ponytail. As you can see from the illustration, we have removed the medium-length wavy ponytail.

Nevertheless, you can complete the ponytail as short or as long as you choose. You can also pop straight hair, curly hair, or any hairstyle you prefer!

Step 8: Add detail and texture all over the hair.

Patterns and details are vital to adding texture when drawing hair and making it look realistic. Continue drawing keep in mind that the hair strands should be consistent with the structure of the hair. For example, the streaks on the bangs should be down, while those on the top of the head should curve towards the ponytail.

Step 9: Now add sections of hair on the ponytail.

Duplicate the previous step. This time, yet, the stripes should be on the ponytail itself. Remember that the hair strands should be the same shape as the ponytail, as shown in the illustration above. As you can see, the drawing of the ponytail is finally finished! Now all that’s missing is one hair color. Voila, you have successfully drawn a ponytail! Finally comes the long-awaited step, this.