If there is anyone who recommends laser treatment for hemorrhoids. They would want to know what will follow after surgery. And how to recover while being in the best of their condition. 

With technological advancement in every field, people have come a long way from surgical procedures. Well, in the laser treatment for hemorrhoids or piles. A laser beam is used for burning or shrinking the hemorrhoids. That is the swelling of the inflamed anal tissues. 

The surgeon is going to focus a narrow beam of light on the tissues. Which will disrupt the blood flow and let the tissues fall. 

This procedure is not invasive in nature and is going to cause no bleeding or pain. The laser surgery for the piles is a day procedure where the patients will be discharged in 24 hours. The recovery after the treatment is very short and effortless. 

Anyone who is recommended to have laser surgery for the hemorrhoids would want to know. What will follow and how are they going to recover? We are going to discuss everything today!

What to expect after laser treatment for hemorrhoids?

After having removed the hemorrhoids, the patient is going to shift to the recovery room. Where all of their vitals are going to be monitored. The patient is going to be kept under observation. Until the anesthesia wears off and the patient is going to breathe freely. And their vitals are back to normal. 

When you see that the effects of the anesthesia are going to wear off. The patient is going to experience slight discomfort and a sensation of pain that is going to be very minimal. 

The surgical site is going to be very tender after the surgery has taken place. The doctors will provide you with the medications in order to make sure. That you are at ease and rest without the feeling of pain. 

In order to make the pain go away, the doctors are going to recommend the sitz bath.

Now we know what to expect and the recovery. Let us now move forward toward the pros and cons of the treatment.

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Advantages and disadvantages of the laser treatment for hemorrhoids:


  • Minimal blood loss:

When any surgery is performed, there is some blood loss during the operation. Using the laser, when the piles are burned, the beam is going to seal. The blood tissues and the vessels will result in very less blood loss. Some doctors also claim that blood loss is very negligible. 

When the cuts are sealed, the infection chances go down by several times. 

  • Very less pain:

Laser treatment is very less painful as compared to the incisions made using the scalpel. Whether surgery is done under local anesthesia, the anesthesia is going to wear off. Then the patient will start feeling the pain, and when there is a case of the laser. In treatment for hemorrhoids, the pain is very less. 

  • Performed quickly:

Well, the removal of the hemorrhoids is through very quickly when compared to the other surgical methods of removing terms. The treatment time for removing the hemorrhoids is less than 30 minutes or so depending on the location. The number of hemorrhoids that are needed to be removed. 

The person who is going to go home soon. After the surgery is never going to need any kind of hospital stay. 

  • Low chances of damaging the tissues:

 When the piles are treated by a surgeon who is experienced. The chances of damaging the tissues that are near to where. The piles are located are very less. If there is damage to the sphincter muscles for any reason then the treatment can become worse. This, you must look for a surgeon who is experienced. 

There are some advantages, let us now move onward to the disadvantages of laser treatment for piles.


Every coin has two sides and thus even if there are some advantages. There are going to be some downsides of this technology as well. 

  • Cost: 

As you know the surgery does not take the conventional route. There are some aspects of technology that are going to push up. The costs of the laser treatment as compared to the other procedures. 

As there are some benefits that might remove some of the complications. After the operation, the laser treatment might be affordable for some.

  • Availability of laser fibers:

Well, using laser beams for treating a disease like this is not an easy task. There is this laser fiber that will come for a specific number of cases. Thus it needs to be ensured that there are some spare laser fibers. In case they are required and they must be available readily.

In conclusion:

Thus, this is everything that will help you go for the laser treatment for hemorrhoids. The full recovery will depend on the individual and the care and precautions that are taken by them.

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