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Your exterior doors are the best place to start when you want to secure your home. All exterior doors in your house must be secured. An exterior door is any door that provides access to your home from the outside. Depending on your home’s appearance, this applies to the front door, back door, basement door, balcony or patio door, kitchen door, and/or garden door.

Make sure your exterior doors are in good condition

Your exterior doors must be in good condition. A good solid door helps to stop the thief. On the other hand, a worn door that can be easily broken open can almost seem like an open invitation.

Remember to check all your doors. It does not help much that the front door is in good condition if, for example, the basement door is poorly secured.

If you want a glass door as a front door, you should make other reservations to avoid burglary. For example, you should not have a knob on the inside of your glass door, as the thief can easily open the door with a slight turn and without a key.

A good exterior door is a solid door that closes tightly to the frame. If you have lists around your door, this will, for example, be an indicator of whether your door closes tightly.

Check your locks – are they still secure?

Locks can also get too old. Technology is constantly evolving. That is why you must have excellent and up-to-date locks on your exterior doors.

As a rule, you should change your locks every 10 years, or if you do not know how many lock keys are in circulation to your home.

If you have a key with the familiar roundhead for your front door, it’s time for a replacement. The technology for this Series 500 lock dates back to the 1930s and is therefore no longer recommended for exterior doors.

You need to choose a good lock with a high level of security

A good mechanical lock is a lock that has drilling and drilling protection and is patented. The patent lies in the fact that only authorized locksmiths can copy your keys.

The fact that the lock is patented guarantees that your keys are original and can only be copied by authorized locksmiths in Tampa, such as All In One Locksmith.

An excellent digital lock is a lock that is approved for use by applicable requirements from insurance companies.

An extra lock on the exterior doors

You need to have a good and up-to-date lock on all your exterior doors. But you can also choose to secure yourself even better by putting an extra lock on your doors. As you know, two locks are more secure than one.

If you choose to install an additional lock, be sure to place it at least 40 inches from the existing lock.

If you put the locks too close, it can affect the door’s strength, so it will be easier to kick it open, for example.

On the other hand, if you stick to a minimum distance of 40 centimeters between the two locks, your doors are well secured.

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Outdoor lighting at your exterior doors

Outdoor lighting with a sensor that turns on automatically is excellent for you and your family when you come home after dark. But in fact, the light can also help secure your home as it can scare the thief away.

When the outdoor light comes on, the house seems inhabited, which acts as a deterrent to the thief. Furthermore, the light will make it easier for neighbors to detect a possible burglary in time.

Securing the patio door

Many burglaries take place via the patio door. Therefore, it is crucial to secure the door with a lock locked from the inside. This is because it can prevent the thief from committing burglary by under-drilling.

If a burglary occurs via under-drilling, it means that the thief is drilling directly through the door, pushing the handle up.

Therefore, securing the patio door handle with a lock is good. It can be, for example, a handle with a built-in mechanical lock or a digital version with a code.

However, you should not choose a lock with a knob for your patio door. After smashing a window in the door, the thief can easily open the patio door with a single turn of the knob.

Install a burglar alarm

For example, if you travel a lot or have a long way to the neighborhood, securing your home with a burglar alarm may be a good idea.

A burglar alarm does not prevent burglary. But the noise from the alarm siren can stress the thief or scare him away, just as either a security company or a neighbor who can call the police can be alerted.

Digital door spy, security chain, or camera

You have several options if you have a good solid door without windows and would like to see who is standing outside the door before you let them in.

Safety chain

You can choose to install a security chain on the door. Then you can open the door and see if you want to let the person in before removing the safety chain and opening the door completely.

Door spy

If necessary, you can choose to install a door spy or digital door binoculars with a recording function. The difference between the two is that you have a larger screen to look at with digital door binoculars. You thus do not have to close one eye and put your head to the door, spy.


One last option is to install a camera at, for example, your front door. That way, you can see from a distance via your mobile phone standing outside your door. If you also have a smart digital lock, you can open the door for them, even if you are not home.

If you want to install a camera outdoors at your front door, choosing a waterproof model is a good idea.

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