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Outlook Spam Filter Not Working-How to Solve It

Is your Outlook spam filter not working? If so, don’t worry. We will help you in solving this issue.  Receiving excessive amounts of unwanted messages or unsolicited emails in Outlook can be very unpleasant for consumers. With the help of the built-in junk email filter in Microsoft Outlook, you can effortlessly cut down on the amount of spam that reaches your inbox. A few Outlook users have reported that the Outlook spam filter stops working. However, sending real emails to the Junk Folder can be extremely offensive. Therefore, we have come across various solutions for this. 

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What do you mean by Outlook Spam Filter?

Microsoft Outlook has a distinct function called Outlook Spam Filter that helps users find spam and messages delivered by hackers. Outlook’s spam filter can be configured correctly to work effectively and to catch more junk mail. By putting them in the Junk folder, this helps to reduce the amount of junk mail or harmful content that reaches the inbox. However, receiving junk email, commonly known as spam, in your Outlook mailbox can be annoying. It’s because spam takes up valuable space and makes it more challenging to distinguish between necessary and useful communications. Therefore, it is highly recommended to set the Spam Filter to Standard in order to direct spam emails to the Junk folder.

How to Fix Outlook Spam Filter Not Working?

You can start debugging this issue now that you are aware of the primary causes. To understand the various fixes, keep reading.

1. Include senders on the Safe Sender List

You can start by adding the senders whose emails you want to receive to your secure sender list. Implement this by doing the following.

  • Access Outlook and click the “Home” tab.
  • After that, tap “Junk” and go to “Junk Email Options.”
  • Go to the “Safe Senders” page now.
  • Add an email address here that you want to receive emails from in the rubbish folder alone.

Note: In addition to providing an address, you may also add a specific domain name to this list. A domain name must be included in the Address Field section.

  • Go to the “Junk Email Options” if you wish to prevent Outlook from classifying all of your contacts as Safe Senders.
  • Uncheck the “Also Trust Email” option under the “Safe Senders” tab for “Outlook Contacts.”
  • Once you’ve done so, spammers won’t be able to easily access your inbox.

2. Pick the High Filtering Option

Outlook already has the “No Automatic Filtering” option selected. You can receive emails into your inbox that aren’t labeled spam or junk if the filtering option is set to “Low.” Make sure the filtration level is set to “High.” It will enable the filter to operate accurately and effectively.

  • Open Outlook and select “Home.”
  • Now select “Junk.”
  • Select “Junk E-mail Options” from the dropdown menu.
  • Choose the “High” filtering option at this time.

3. Set the Junk Email Filter to the Standard

When the Microsoft Outlook spam filter stops functioning, you must properly adjust the Outlook spam filter.

You can also set your junk email filtering to standard to solve this issue. Then, adhere to these guidelines.

  • Open Outlook, then select “Settings.”
  • Select “View all Outlook Settings” after that.
  • Next, select the “Mail” tab.
  • Pick “Junk Email” next.
  • Select the checkbox next to “Block attachments, images, and links from anyone not in my Safe Senders list” under the section “Junk Filters.”
  • To save all of your changes, complete the process by tapping the “Save” button. You won’t report that Outlook’s junk email filtering isn’t working after taking these instructions.


Hopefully, this blog can solve your Outlook spam filter not working issue with the methods mentioned above. But if you still face the same issue after performing the above methods, contact Outlook email support. We hope, this blog will help you in fixing out.

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