Get Yourself a Perfect Tyre Every Time

A Tyre needs consideration on many matters before you purchase them, such as the road condition, tread pattern, weather condition, size, rubber material etc. Pirelli Tyres Bradford is efficient and offers great performance. If they are per the conditions you are driving in, they will offer you a smooth and comfortable ride experience. But before that let us discuss the important factors that affect the tyres.


The road condition can also damage the tyre and also affect the performance of the vehicle. The roads are full of debris, potholes, boulders, small and large rocks etc. Any of this can damage your tyr and can also lead to a puncture. This happens particularly when you are driving off-road. Because of the unknown road conditions, you can end up in big trouble. Wide-width tyrs come in handy, especially when you are off-reading. However, they are not so great on regular city roads. They do not give many pick-ups because of all the stopping and going at the traffic light. Because of this they also do not offer fuel efficiency.


The tread pattern is the rubber block circumferencing around the tyr. They are mostly responsible for providing traction and preventing hydroplaning. Traction or friction is necessary for the movement of the vehicle. Without traction, it is impossible to accelerate or stop the vehicle. Hydroplaning is when the water starts to accumulate underneath the sidewalls of the tyre. This can lead to corrosion and spread to other parts of the vehicle making it incompetent. However, treads help through the water and prevent hydroplaning. Below are the three kinds of tread patterns to offer you better performance in different driving conditions.

  • Asymmetric tread pattern, famous on race tracks.
  • Symmetric tread pattern, famous in passenger tyres.
  • Uni-directional tread pattern, famous for winter tyres.


The weather conditions keep on changing throughout the year. However, it can affect the tyrs as well. Just like your feet swell in winter, the weather also affects the tyres. To avoid inconvenience manufacturers make seasonal tyres. You can end up with a tyres failure or get stuck in the snow. This is why you need to change your tyre every season, especially if you live in extreme weather conditions. Below are the three kinds of seasonal tyrs.

  • Summer tyres, for temperatures above 7°C.
  • Winter tyrs, for temperatures below 7°C.
  • All-season tyres, for moderate temperatures throughout the year.


The size is one thing that you look at first before purchasing a tyre. The manufacturers mention the size of the tyre on the sidewall of the tyre and the car manual for convenience. The size of the tyre includes important information such as aspect ratio, load index, diameter, speed rating etc. The size depends on the model of the vehicle. they also test the tyres with different sizes and models to ensure their efficiency. However, if you buy a tyre which is any different from the original size, it can affect the vehicle as well as the performance of the tyre.


The rubber material of the tyre allows it to sustain even in harsh conditions. A quality rubber material ensures that there is no tyre failure. Because of the continuous rubbing of the tyre against the road, they heat up. Overheating can lead to blow out or try failure. Quality rubber protects the tyres from overheating.

The rubber compound of the tyre is also very important. It helps you with the changing season. For example, winter tyres have a compound that allows the tyre to remain firm but also flexible and soft. This also allows the vehicle to move swiftly on icy and snow surfaces. Whereas the rubber compound of summer tyres remains firm so it won’t stick to the road or end up in a blowout.


The tyre needs to be healthy and in top-notch condition for a great performance. Regular car maintenance helps with that. It also improves the performance of the vehicle and helps the vehicle to perform efficiently for a long, long time. In addition to that repairing or replacing the tyre, when needed, also helps with the durability of the vehicle. Tyres Bradford offers you the best tyrs with different kinds of brands, widths, sizes, tread patterns etc. they also offer different services for which you should visit their site.