QuickBooks Error H202

There are multiple features and functions that are offered to the users of Quickbooks. But with all the amazing features that people get, there are some bugs and errors related. And one such error is related to the multi-user mode which is the Quickbooks Error H202. A lot of people face this problem when they are barred from accessing their company files on another workstation. 

While a person faces Quickbooks Error code H202 that can increase the downtime. For confirmation, either you will get the error code or a message stating, “This company file is on another computer, and QuickBooks needs some help connecting.” In either of these situations you will have to fix the multi-user network establishment. 

What are the symptoms of Quickbooks Error H202?

Trying to troubleshoot the Error code H202 in Quickbooks? You will have to first figure out the cause of this problem. This will help in diagnosing the problem a bit quicker and in a better way. Here are some common symptoms that might have caused this error.

  • An incorrect hosting configuration settings might be the biggest reason.
  • Or there can be a conflict between the DNS server.
  • A damaged or corrupt network data file can also cause this problem.
  • Your server computer firewall might be barring the incoming and outgoing communications. 
  • If the IP address of the host system can’t be fetched by Quickbooks. And even if the same happens in the company file.

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Quick solutions to overcome the Quickbooks Error H202

Once you have figured out the reason causing this problem, resolving it becomes simpler. And if you want to do it manually so that nothing is left behind then here is what should be done. Here is how you can solve the problem in Quickbooks Error H202 code.

Solution 1: Checking the server’s service

The first thing requires you to quickly check the services on your server. But for this, you will have to ensure that Quickbooks services are seamlessly running on the server. For that, you will have to first check QuickbooksDBXX and then follow the same steps to check the QBCFMonitorService.

  • Start by opening the “Windows Start Menu” and that too on your server computer.
  • After that, just punch “Run” in the search bar and hit the enter button.
  • Then you will have to type, “services.msc” in the Run window and then press the enter button.
  • Search for QuickbooksDBXX and then double click on the list. The XX notes the Quickbooks version you are using.
  • Then just select “automatic” as the startup type.
  • Ensure that the service status should be “running” or “started”- either of it. If you see none of this, just click on “start.”
  • Then click on the “recovery” tab and select “Restart the service” from the drop downs of “First Failure”, “Second Failure”, and “Subsequent Failures. 
  • Now you will only have to click “apply” and hit the “Ok” button to save all the changes.


Whatever be the reason causing Quickbooks Error H202, you must resolve it by simply executing the steps given above. If at all you are unable to do that or fail to register any of the solution steps, do not hesitate to connect with our experts. All you need to do is call us on the number +1(855)-738-0359.

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