Graphic design

Graphic design: what exactly is it?

At its core, graphic design is about expressing ideas visually. With the help of image material, typography, colors, graphics, etc., information is prepared for the eye. This is exactly the task that graphic designers take on. You take care of the design of visual means of communication and the customers’ web presence.

They devote themselves equally to print and electronic media or specialize in a certain area. Initially, graphic designers mainly dealt with posters, brochures, and magazines. From the 1980s, electronic media were increasingly used. Working with websites, apps, and digital advertisements is now part of her everyday life.

Compared to illustrators, graphic designers arrange numerous elements such as images, lettering, graphics, and colors into a coherent overall picture. While an: e-illustrator: summarizes and conveys ideas in one image, a:e graphic designer: communicates them in a combination of several visual means. The boundaries between the two professions are often blurred in practice, although they are, by definition, quite different.

The tasks of a graphic designer

The area of ​​responsibility of the graphic designer is very extensive. So it is hardly surprising that some of them specialize in certain sub-areas. For example, they take care of:

  • Corporate Design
  • product design
  • UX/UI Design (Web Design)
  • Advertising
  • Motion Graphics

Emotional ties thanks to the corporate design

Corporate design is about summarizing the basic elements of a company in a kind of visual business card. It describes the brand’s path to becoming the flagship of a company. Certain products are immediately associated with the corresponding company without thinking about it.

The aim is to stand out with your offer by conveying messages and emotions with the help of graphics design firm. The customers should build a bond and not only recognize a brand from the logo but also associate an attitude to life with it. This is a process that the graphic designers support. They visually prepare the ideas a company conveys so that this bond can develop.

That’s what we at Digi cube offer in the field of graphic design.

Of course, we at Digi cube also know how important visual appearance is for a company’s success. After all, pictures say more than words ever could. But of course, we are not only talking about pure image material. 

The way a company presents itself makes it clear which values ​​it represents. The graphic design conveys a message and embodies a certain image. It is all the more important to entrust this task to a professional. We at Digi cube are at your side with advice and action in the following areas:

  • Corporate Design 
  • UX/UI Design (Web Design)
  • App Design

As a young and dynamic team, we know exactly what is important in graphic design and how important it is. Especially in the age of digitization, this is constantly increasing. We show the right mix of factual know-how, creativity, gut feeling, and practical experience. We help you create a design optimally tailored to you and your company, which is sure to leave an impression.

Corporate Design

As part of the online graphic design services, we take care of the appearance of your company. Of course, it should have a high recognition value and appear uniform everywhere. So we take care of it and put fonts, colors, and your logo in the right light. 

This design is used consistently in both visual and written communication. This ensures that your customers can immediately identify you and your company and that no uncertainties arise.

The design of your products, packaging, advertising elements in print and digital areas, and much more are based on the design. Are you just starting and need a new corporate design, or would you like to revitalize your current look? We at Digi cube will help you develop an individual design that appeals to your target group. 

Web and app design

The corporate design also serves as the foundation for your company’s online presence. But it is also important that both the website and the app are user-friendly and easy to use. This plays a crucial role in forming the opinion of your potential customers. They consider your website or app appealing, and if they are also impressed by the handling, this positively influences the purchase decision.

It is not just design expertise that is indispensable here. It is also required to know how PCs, smartphones, and other digital devices process certain information and how users deal with it. It is also important that the digital product is user-friendly. Points such as clarity and easy website navigation play a very important role here. That’s why we ensure optimized usability.

Your graphic design in professional hands

Graphic design is ubiquitous in the world of marketing. Is it about designing an ad, creating a website, or shooting a commercial? It doesn’t matter; there’s no way around it. For a successful company appearance, it is therefore important to fully exploit the possibilities offered by graphic design. 

We at Digi cube will be happy to advise you and show you what our graphics department has to offer you. Is your company still in its infancy, or is it simply time for something new? We walk the path together with you.


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