The number of smartphone users in India has been increasing substantially every year. As people use intelligent devices beyond a source of communication, read how to start online consultation as a doctor.

mHealth apps have undoubtedly furnished the healthcare sector of India. From physician consultation health and fitness tracker to medicine delivery services, they cater to all purposes.

Medical applications have proven to be very useful for both patients and doctors. Finserv Health App for Doctors is the best application that provides doctors with online consultation.

There is absolutely no doubt why the dependency on smartphones is experiencing an unprecedented rise. Doctors and other healthcare professionals have been enthusiastically using these smart devices for delivering perfect healthcare services.

Reasons to Develop Medical Apps for Doctors

Mobile applications have substantially reshaped and reconstructed the healthcare industry of India. Let us now take a quick look at the various reasons for developing an online consultation app for doctors.

  • Convenient mobile solutions help in easy consultation and management by doctors.
  • Easy management of outpatient activities during trying times.
  • Enhanced treatment procedure and advanced interaction.

Advantages of Medical Apps for Doctors

All healthcare professionals and doctors take great advantage of online medical applications. Some of the key benefits are:

  • Refined access to electronic health records.
  • Leveraging and delivery of numerous healthcare services.
  • Enhanced efficiency in making decisions regarding clinical services.
  • An accessible treatment of patients irrespective of any geographical location.
  • Smooth workflow and efficiency in working schedule, thereby increasing medical productivity.

Features of Medical Apps for Doctors

There are various online consultation apps for doctors, and each of them has specific features. Some of the standard features that almost all medical apps have are:

  • Easy access and quick search results using various filters and other significant categories.
  • Option for storing and sharing image files, media files, and other medical-related videos.
  • Convenient access to medications, diseases, guidelines, articles, and other descriptions.
  • Option for the integrated and variable medical calculator.
  • Integrated medical test and calculated consultation.

Features of Health and Physical Activity Tracker

mHealth has been providing magnificent solutions to the healthcare industry of India. So physicians are no longer restricted to lab consultation, and they can perform their tasks anywhere.

Some of the core features of health-tracking apps are:

  • Accessible collection of clinically vital information and proceeds.
  • Refined access to the patient list and reviews of health charts.
  • Hassle-free access to electronic health records.
  • Possibility for placing orders and prescribing health checkups.
  • Viewing and assessing images and reports right from the device.
  • Easy management of prescriptions.
  • Notification about critical health conditions.
  • Variety of billing and payment options.
  • Arrangement of patient treatment and rehabilitation.
  • Customized interface and user-friendly access.

Features of Healthcare Consultation Booking Apps

Many mHealth applications provide the feature of booking appointments with healthcare professionals. Some of the key elements of healthcare consultation booking apps are:

  • Easy searching through location, network, and availability.
  • Managing appointment slots.
  • Feature of booking with a single tap.
  • Reviewing the consultation history section.
  • The viewing, managing, and editing appointments.
  • Accessible and integrated payment system.

Grow Your Medical Practice with Finserv Health App For Doctors

Bajaj Finserv Health Doctor is a one-stop solution for uncomplicated medical appointments and solutions. It is one of the finest online consultation platforms for doctors in India.

This application goes way beyond the online consultation services that host numerous unique features. Healthcare practitioners who find it challenging to manage everything at once can provide exceptional comfort.

The integrated virtual receptionist will help the physicians to manage all their routine calls. So their only focus will remain on providing integrated healthcare services to their patients.

As a healthcare practitioner, you can consult with your patients via video conference, call, or chat. You can also have access to track your patient statistics weekly or monthly.

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To Conclude

If you are a physician and don’t know how to start online consultation as a doctor, we have got you covered. Associate with Finserv Health App for Doctors today and provide the best online treatment to your patients. 

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