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We’ve all heard that a car’s performance is determined by its engine; this refers to horsepower or torque. Few individuals, on the other hand, are aware of the other crucial component of a car that influences its overall performance. Yeah, I’m talking about “Tyre.” A part of an automobile that is always in contact with the ground. When the engine is faulty or reacts poorly, the car performs poorly. However, a car’s performance might be harmed by an improper size or worn tyre.

Yes, tyre size affects automotive performance; yet, car performance is subjective. It varies on the preferences of the individual; some individuals choose traction, while others prioritise acceleration, while still others prioritise strong steering control, good tyre holding, noise-free driving, comfort, and fuel economy. Indeed a single tyre can’t offer this all at the same time. However, if you want a tyre that provides a little more, go to AN Tyres and choose from a variety of high-quality car tyres Maidstone.

A tyre size, rubber compound, tread pattern, construction, and other elements are used with rubber, speed rating, load index, radial, aspect ratio, etc play an essential role to influence a car’s performance. It offers both benefits and drawbacks. It has both advantages and disadvantages. Here, we will study tyre size or aspect ratio, how they affect performance, and their advantages and disadvantages. What happens if you pick a high profile or low profile tyre.

Tyres Profile

A high profile or low profile tyre has only one difference and that is aspect ratio/sidewall height. First of all, we will learn about high profile tyres then low profile tyres; their benefits and drawbacks.

High profile tyre Benefits

Less expensive than low profile tyre

Yes, a high profile tyre is cheaper than a low profile tyre, as a result, more cars use a high profile tyre. A less expensive tire doesn’t mean the tyre performs badly.

It saves fuel

A high profile tyre has less rolling resistance, as a result, it generates less friction and saves fuel.

The best tyre for safety and comfort purposes

The main benefit of a high-profile tyre is that it provides excellent safety and comfort. Because of the higher sidewalls and a large amount of rubber utilised in the tyre, it absorbs road hazards.

The majority of people use a high profile tyre

It is because they don’t expect more from tyres; they are happy with a decent performance.

High profile tyre drawbacks

It offers a decent handling

These tyres can’t offer prime handling and overall stability as low profile tyres at a high speed. You can’t get more speed with these tyres.

Bad traction on cornering

Due to higher sidewalls and lower section width, these tyres can’t offer traction as a low profile tyre does on cornering or any roads at high or low speed.

It does not improve the appearance of a car as a low profile tyre does

If you think high profile tyres can improve your car’s appearance then, you’re wrong.

Low profile tyre benefits

It improved cornering

These tyres have a bigger aspect ratio and more contact with the surface hence it offers amazing holding on the cornering. The tyre will perform well while applying brake and acceleration on cornering.

Offers prime grip

You can drive on snow, water, off-road or any type of road; it offers remarkable traction due to better contact with the road.

Improved braking

It reduces the braking distance on both off and roads. It generates more friction due to more rubber contact with the surface.

Improved the road feel

Less rubber is used in the making of low profile tyres, hence you will feel the road.

Great appearance

A high profile tyre can easily improve your car’s look.

A run-flat tyre is the best example of low profile tyre

After receiving a punctured tyre, drive your car up to 50 miles at more than 30 mph safely. Get the best run-flat tyres and feel the road.

Low profile tyre drawbacks

Bad choice for off-roading

These tyres are not a good option for off-roading at all.

It increases the chances of rim damage

If you drive on potholes, kerbs and other hazards at high speed, your car wheel gets damaged because of the lower height of the sidewalls.

Bad choice for winter roads

These tyres are a bad choice for snow roads especially, so if your city gets snow days a lot, don’t pick a low profile tyre.

Expensive tyres

These are expensive tyres so if you have a low budget avoid this tyre.

Enhance the fuel consumption

It enhances the fuel consumption and eventually your spending.

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