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Surely not everyone has a box in their cosmetic bag for highlighter drops in certain areas of the face. Many are afraid to make a mistake with the choice and do not know how to properly apply a highlighter so that the face looks fresh, not shiny. EVA Blog guides you step by step on how to choose, use and wear highlighter for a fresh and natural look.

Types of highlighters

Liquid. Reminiscent of lip gloss, but with more glitter, and the product itself is less dense.

cream. These highlighters are similar in texture to thick lipstick. As a rule, a cream highlighter gives more intense coverage. Dry in powder form. Perhaps it is dry products that are the most popular due to their simple application and versatility. When you contour your face with different textures, consider product compatibility. Some cream and liquid highlighters can corrode the base (tone) or lie incorrectly on other products. Dry highlighters are well-fixed on creamy textures and rarely corrode the previous layers of cosmetics. So if you want to buy your first glitter highlighter, go for the dry product. Why assignment help is a mandatory part of a student’s life?

How to apply for a highlighter?

Choose a tool depending on the texture of the cosmetics. Liquid textures are usually applied by hand or with dense synthetic brushes, for cream textures a sponge or a brush of medium hardness is suitable, dry textures are applied with a special fluffy brush fan made of natural bristles.

You can blend the highlighter with your fingertips, but this method is not very hygienic and does not work well with creamy textures. Apply some product first. If the shine is not enough, add a highlighter little by little, but after each stroke, check if you have gone too far. Excessive shine can be muffled with coloured powder.

Basic schemes for applying highlighter

In everyday makeup use a universal scheme:

A back is distinguished on the nose, applying a thin vertical strip and lightening the tip a little. On the cheekbones, the highlighter is applied to the protruding parts, going a little into the temporal zone. Forehead. Highlight the contoured area, avoiding the T-zone.

eyes. Now it is not fashionable to apply a highlighter on the eyes, but you can highlight the eyelid under the tips of the eyebrows by adding quite a bit of product: this way you will make an additional accent highlight. Apply and blend the product in the pit above the upper lip to emphasize the curve and add volume. If you are doing strobing (makeup using radiance), then additionally apply the product on the center of the forehead (between the eyebrows), on the chin, and in the area under the eyes. Strobing gives the face extra radiance, so it looks fresh and rested. But remember that makeup in this technique is not suitable for girls with oily or oily skin in the T-zone.

Useful tips: how to apply highlighter

Here are some EVA Blog beauty tips to help you apply highlighter and shine without being overbearing: The liquid product is applied last (after the tone, contouring, powder, and blush). First, make a few small dots, and then blend with patting movements. Apply cream highlighter on the tone, and then fix with powder. A dry highlighter can be applied to both base and powder, however, it can bring out the nuances of the skin. Need more shine? Mix liquid highlighter and foundation. The effect will be like a cushion. A highlighter can have a different base: some products are made on a “cold” basis, others on a “warm” one, and some have a purple tint or give off white. Therefore, when choosing cosmetics, you need to focus on the colour type and shade of your skin in the current season.

See also: “Cool make-up rules”.

If you see a glow on your cheekbones when you turn your head, then you have applied enough product. When you move your head, can you see the white base in the highlighting area? You applied too much product or blended it poorly. For everyday makeup, choose a standard application scheme, and you can experiment on the way out. To fix dry textures for everyday wear, use a fixative spray. For everyday make-up, highlighters on a transparent base with small sparkles are suitable. They create a natural effect. We recommend that you test it on your skin before buying (especially if this is your first highlighter!) You can do this at all EVA stores.

What goes into a highlighter drop

Highlighter drops are the ideal technique to accomplish your goals of adding more brightness to your makeup or achieving a more dramatic eye appearance. You will require the following ingredients:

  • Step One: Use your highlighter to first draw attention to your cheekbones, temples, and nose bridge. To prevent washing out your foundation, apply your makeup lightly.
  • Step two is to use a thin line of eyeliner to define your eyes. You only want to draw a border around your eyes; don’t go excessive.
  • Step three: Begin blending the highlighter with your eyelid’s crease and just below your lash line with the shadow/highlight brush. Don’t put any liner on, please.


Do you frequently sense the need for a vacation from your workday but lack the skills to make it enjoyable? Drops of highlighter are useful! Your days may become less stressful and more fun by adding a bit of colour and brightness. When you’re feeling depressed, highlighter drops are a terrific way to improve your mood. Give highlighter drops a try the next time you find it difficult to get through the day because they could be the answer you’ve been waiting for.

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