Licensed Surveyor

Surveying is a crucial part of any construction project, including workplace investigation processes, and it is essential to choose a licensed surveyor to ensure accurate and precise measurements. This detailed, informative article put together a comprehensive checklist to help you find the right surveyor for your next project. Read on to know more in detail!

Factors To Consider While Hiring A Licensed Professional Surveyor

You should consider the following factors while planning to hire the best licensed surveyor in your region. If your chosen professional fulfills all the criteria below, then they will surely provide you the best services.

Checking Whether The Professional Has A Valid License To Perform Land Surveying Services

You should check whether the license of the licensed surveyor is valid on the present date. If you hiring someone not legally qualified to do the job, then that person is certainly breaking the law & you throwing away the money. If you have any doubts, you should contact the concerned licensing authority in your region to cross-check the license’s authenticity.

Checking If The Contractor Is Holding A Workers’ Compensation Insurance

The licensed surveyor firm you have hired employs several employees and persons on hire. You should inquire who would be responsible if any of these employees or persons on hire are injured during work. So, you should preferably hire a licensed surveyor firm that holds Workers’ Compensation Insurance adhering to the region’s law.

Checking If The Shortlisted Professional Perform The Service That You Require

The licensed surveyors may have different specialties like topographic surveys, construction layout, Geodetic, Mapping Boundary Surveys, and Land Development. So, it would help if you ideally chose a professional with the right experience to handle your land surveying requirement. If you need to get work done related to construction layout, you should hire a licensed surveyor who has adequate experience in this specialty.

Checking If The Licensed Surveyor Pursues Continuing Education

Professionals who keep up-to-date with all the professional & technological advancements should always be preferred because they will be up-to-date regarding advanced techniques & developments and can handle the work better.

Licensed Surveyor
Licensed Surveyor

Checking If They Have All The Modern Equipment

With all the technological advancements that have taken place in recent years the industry of land surveying has witnessed incredible advances in techniques and technological advances. They use various technologies like Computer Aided Drafting (CAD), Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Laser Scanning, and Robotic Survey Systems. All this equipment improves the quality of work and the accuracy of results. So, ensure that the licensed surveyor hired possesses all the modern equipment for land surveying.

Asking For A Written Contract And The Terms Of Payment

The land surveyor you are planning to hire should be more than willing to sign a written contract where they will mention the details of their services and their charges. Also, the contract should mention when the payment is to be done f some part is to be paid in advance or if the entire amount is to be paid after the service is over.

Enquiring What Is Being Set At Your Property Corners

The major reason for surveying the land before starting the work is to determine the extent & outline of the concerned property. If the property corners not marked, that is to be checked. It would be best if you never accepted wooden stakes as property markers from licensed professional surveyors. These can be considered temporary land markers due to some mitigating factor etc.

Asking Them If They Will Walk The Property With You

During conducting the land survey, your land surveyor will have to set independent survey control markers, preferably will find several existing monuments; not all of these will be at your property corners. This may be confusing initially, but you need to identify the actual markers & monuments which mark your property corners.


You can ensure that you hire a licensed surveyor for your project with the experience, skills qualifications to get the job done right. Keep this checklist handy and find a licensed professional surveyor to help you achieve your construction goals.

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