With their incredible growth within only three years, Tech Canada Startups Visa in Dubai has attracted the attention of international investors. However, the Covid-19 outbreak affected the tourist and transportation sectors, slowing down the UAE economy. As a result, company owners are searching for the top immigration experts. In the UAE to help them grow their companies under the Startups Visa program. Canada is the third-best country on the list, according to the World Bank’s “Doing Business Project,” to support. Your start-up company. Moving to another nation is not simple and might feel like an endless effort.

The best immigration consultants in dubai for canada, are crucial in this situation. 

Benefits of Hiring a Visa Immigration Consultant:

  • It improves process efficiency and eliminates mistakes.
  • Conserve time and effort.
  • You are not required to look up immigration laws and regulations.

Here are a few things to consider when selecting an expert Canadian immigration adviser in the UAE:

  • Ensure that your Dubai immigration counselor has ICCRC accreditation at all times.
  • Your application might be rejected for the smallest error. Therefore, it is best to confirm the legitimacy of immigration experts. Request written or audiovisual testimonials from former customers.
  • Reputable immigration advisors always interact with their customers on social media platforms.
  • Verify the track record and reputation of any immigration consultant in Dubai before engaging them. Request a reference from one of their prior clients to confirm its validity.

The Visa program aids in integrating the nation’s economic objectives with a quicker immigration procedure. Starting with a temporary work visa, you can advance to citizenship and permanent residency. Immigration advisors in the UAE assist applicants in demonstrating. That Canadian investors have shown a strong desire to invest in their business plans. The three categories of private investors included in the program are angel investment firms, venture capital funds, and business incubators.

The Start-Up Visa program offers qualifying aspiring business owners a chance to expand. While also having the option of obtaining permanent residency in Canada. Entrepreneurs must rely on the backing of designated investors while waiting for permission to apply for permanent residency.

Additionally, there are a few conditions and guidelines that must be met to qualify for the Visa program. Which your Canadian immigration expert in the UAE will go over in detail with you:

Own a firm that qualifies (a candidate may apply as an owner if there are no more than five candidates;. The applicant must possess 10% or more of the voting rights linked to all shares outstanding of the corporation.)

  1. To demonstrate that your company idea is feasible, you must obtain a certificate of support and committment certificate. From a certified Canadian venture investor, startup incubator, or seed funder.
  2. Have a Canadian standard level 5 level of proficiency either in English or French.
  3. You should have sufficient funds to establish yourself in Canada (the amount will depend. On how many family members you intend to bring).
  4. Pass all required medical examinations and security checks.

There is no prerequisite for prior management experience in the visa program, which is completely flexible. Also, confirms the strength of an investor who has received government approval in Canada.

Support may come in the form of money or approval of an application to join a business incubator program. Immigrants from Dubai have completely positive experiences with the immigration program with some of the best canadian immigration consultants in dubai.

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