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Showing empathy to customers is essential if you want to create a lasting impression at first contact. Even top BPO services providers consider this a good practice for delivering better customer experiences. They believe that identifying and understanding customer feelings are the key requirements for building robust and meaningful customer-business relationships. The good thing is that businesses, irrespective of their sizes and types, are also well aware of this need.

How to show empathy to customers?

Showing empathy to customers may sound pretty straightforward, but it is not as simple as it seems. Many modern contact centers often face challenges in ensuring consistent empathizing engagements with customers. Customer support agents need extensive training to have appropriate empathetic interactions with customers and create a happy customer base for businesses.

Here are a few ways top-performing contact centers show empathy in customer service.

Actively listening to customers:

Whether agents connect with customers over the phone, text message, social media, or other communication mediums. It is important to listen to them actively. This enables customers to get their concerns heard without having to repeat them multiple times. It also encourages them to share their problems without hesitation.

Moreover, listening to customers attentively help agents gain a better understanding of customer demands, their behaviors, and their expectations. Therefore, being an active listener keeps customers engaged with brands and eventually helps build a strong relationship.

Repeating and confirming:

After paying attention to customer pain points, it’s time to confirm and validate every piece of data. Contact centers believe that carrying out the process without validating information may lead to misunderstandings and customer disappointment. Therefore, it is always better to repeat customer information and their concerns, even after actively listening to customers. This particular step is essential to make sure both agents and customers are on the same page.

Always being respectful

Top BPO service providers know how to deal with customer problems and satisfy their needs. They offer personalized services and simultaneously show respect to capture customers’ attention.

Now, showing respect defines in many different ways. It can be shown by greeting customers by their names while commencing a conversation. Or displaying by using positive language while dealing with angry and frustrated customers. These are a few great ways that help brands to build a good rapport and improve customer engagement.

Acknowledge customer concerns:

Listening to customers, confirming their pain points, and showing respect to them is not enough unless the agents acknowledge their concerns. For example, if a customer reaches out to a brand with any problem, they feel good only when they find quick and accurate responses. For them, showing respect or confirming pain points are just temporary affection.

As a result, many modern contact centers conduct training and development programs for agents that guide them on how to show empathy to customers. The only way to do this right is by recognizing problems, identifying customer frustration levels, and providing an accurate solution accordingly. 

The Bottom Line 

Every customer expects brands to show care, understand their concerns, and help them out with appropriate solutions. Customers also demand personalized services to have a satisfactory experience while interacting with brand representatives. This is why a standard inbound call center in USA spends a great deal of time understanding user intent and meeting their expectations. Therefore, it is good to search for these agencies when you are looking forward to delivering quality customer support solutions to end-users – your customers.




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