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How do you choose your IB Extended Essay Topic and the question?

It is a risky moment to put things off. Select a topic first, and make sure it’s something you enjoy. This will keep you motivated throughout the duration.

The next step is to choose your research topic But keep an open-minded mind. As you’ll discover it is crucial that you’re willing to modify it as your research develops.

It is vital to seek the opinion of your supervisor on your Extended essay help online at this moment. This is because they are aware of any potential issues in your subject area or because of the way in which you’ve phrased your query. You can ask your supervisor for advice on possible avenues to pursue your research.

The IB Extended Essay supervisor will also assist you in refining your question to ensure it’s neither too narrow nor broad. The most frequently encountered problem occurs when the EE study question can be too general. It is possible to avoid this by making sure that it is precise, yet offers enough space to conduct an in-depth study.

It is crucial to keep notes from your supervisor’s meetings. Without them, you’ll struggle to write your reflection.

Additionally, when you have to justify your actions to setbacks when you reflect on your responses it’s much easier to accomplish this if the notes are ready.

One of the most important tips from our IB teachers is to select the EE area that you’re interested in. This way your enthusiasm will come through in what you will write in the EE draft. It also means that you’ll love (or like less!) the research process much more. Avoid overly easy as well as “trendy” research questions. This means Examiners will get tired of them when they grade your exam.

How do you study the IB Extended Essay?

Before you begin your research, make sure you know that your EE supervisor is giving you permission regarding your inquiry, otherwise, you’ll end up wasting time. We’ve witnessed students do weeks of research on their EE only to discover that their supervisor has rejected their inquiry.

Learn to properly study before you begin and you’ll be able to reduce time. We frequently have students who speed-read sites on the internet and then bookmark them prior to going on to the next. What the IB seeks is that you’ve “read around” the topic of your choice to study for your ECE.

But, ensure that you remain focussed on your subject and your question. It is too easy to drift off the path and waste time.

This means that you must know both secondary and primary sources. This includes printed sources and online sources. For example newspapers, trade publications, journals, academic papers, books, diaries, etc. In reality, Google Scholar is a good starting point.

In the future, they will appear in the appendix. Further details on that later.

If all of your sources have already been “googled”, this is an indication that your research isn’t as thorough as it ought to be. Instead, you should consult databases, libraries, etc. Also, don’t forget to seek out assistance from your librarian because their help is essential for creating an outstanding EE.

Search engines are often used by students which can provide trustworthy sources and less reliable ones. In this regard, we highly recommend that you use the test CRAP (currency credibility, authority, reliability, and intent) which determines if an online site is a trustworthy source or not.

How do you draft and edit the IB extended essay?

It might seem evident, but it’s not about just churning up 4000 words. Actually, it is a requirement to write 4,000 words. the maximum amount of words you can write. The number of words is something you should think about and try to achieve. You’re likely to write more, and then edit it down, speaking out whole sections of your Extensive Essay and simplifying it.

When you record notes with your fingers or on the computer, you can do what you can to avoid writing blocks.

Make sure that you write something down. It is much better than not having anything even. In the future, you are able to revisit and modify and improve your work.

In reality, as you begin the first draft, you might realize that there are sections you’d like to eliminate or completely rewrite which is perfectly fine.

Be open to your Extended Essay supervisor’s input.

In essence, they would like you to be successful and any suggestions they make are designed to increase your overall mark.

You should ensure that you are responding to your question in all of the sections of The Extended Essay. In fact, we suggest going through every paragraph, and determining whether it answers the extended Essay question. If you do, then you can decide if it does not, then you should alter or cut it.

Be aware of the register for the language you must utilize. The Extended Essay requires the use of academic terminology and Your style, style, vocabulary, and tone should reflect that. We collaborate together with IB Extended Essay Examiners who are constantly shocked by essays that employ words that are not understood or repeat the same phrase or contain grammar and spelling errors. Do not let the essay you write look as bad as that.IB also provides an Extended essay writing service for the students.

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