How Do You Use Wetransfer

bBBHow Do You Use Wetransfer: Using WeTransfer, large files that wouldn’t fit inside a traditional email can be shared. In addition, unlike other cloud storage drives that often have a lengthy sharing process, Dropbox has a streamlined approach to file sharing. WeTransfer isn’t a traditional cloud storage drive, so it’s important to understand how it works before deciding whether it’s a good fit for you.

How Do You Use Wetransfer

While the platform remains largely uncontested (little else is dedicated to sharing large files), competition has recently increased. So when appropriate, Apple users can instead use iCloud Mail Drop (opens in a new tab), which has a 5GB limit.

Media and consultancy brands that work on sharing large files may benefit from we transfer’s simplicity because they send large attachments, a key demographic.


A free plan is perfect for sharing medium-sized files. For example, you can upload presentations and short videos up to 2GB, which is sufficient for very large presentations.

Several hours of video can be stored in 200GB on the first paid plan; it costs $12/£11 per month, so it’s not a cheap option, but it does increase the file size limit. Users will also receive 1TB of storage, which is meant to be used for previously shared files.

However, unlike other cloud storage services like Google Drive and OneDrive, it does not have sophisticated organization functions. Premium plans cost $23/£21 per month and remove all file size and storage limits entirely.

How To Join

Signing up to use the free tier is unnecessary. But having an account provides some convenience features and gives users the option to subscribe to paid plans.

File sharing is made easy with WeTransfer, which specializes in making it easy to share files. Using social login features or filling in your first name, surname, email address, and password are two options.

A lot of people should be able to use Slack to avoid using their social accounts, given that Google is so popular. However, the service does not support other social sign-in methods like Facebook or Apple.

If you share smaller files under 2GB, you don’t need an account or create one.

Various ads and other news are displayed in the website’s background, which can be distracting. On the left side of the screen, you should instead pay attention to the small box.

Files can be uploaded as single files, folders, or multiple files if you do not exceed the limit. The first step is entering your email address, followed by the recipients.

A random six-digit code will be sent to you in an email once you click ‘Transfer’ to verify that you are sending from a legitimate email address. After entering this code, your files will be sent to users, who will have up to seven days to download them.

How To Send A File To An Account

In the same way, without an account, your email address will automatically be filled in since you will already be logged in with your account. You won’t have to complete the email verification process again since you already have a verified email address.

The recipient’s email address, title, and message will still need to entered, along with your file(s).

By signing in, you won’t have to verify your email address each time, which makes the process easier. A paid account also allows you to store and upload larger files.

How To Attaching Large Files

Free file transfers up to 2GB are available. If you would like to use anything larger than this, you will need an account.

Please ensure that the file you intend to send is the right size before you send it. You can send the files in separate emails without paying if the size exceeds 2GB, but each file is less than 2 GB.

Your options are limited, however, if you wish to send a large file. First, try zipping the file to see if it is brought under that 2GB threshold, which could save you money. Otherwise, payment is the only option.

Downloading Files

You don’t need to set up an account if someone has shared a file with you via WeTransfer. WeTransfer will be able to determine whether you accessed the webpage by following the link in the email you receive. You will be notified when you download the file(s), so be aware that the sender may be waiting if the content requires a speedy response.

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