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If you are an experienced car driver, you must know about tyre punctures. Punctures take place when a sharp object like an iron nail pierces the body of your car tyre and your tyre experiences low inflation due to the loss of air.

Therefore, you need instant service for Puncture Repair Ipswich with the help of a car mechanic. As a car driver, you need full preparation if you want to deal with punctures successfully.

A puncture in tires is repairable in most cases. However, a tyre with punctures can be a troublesome issue for you if you need to reach somewhere urgently.

Are Punctures Dangerous?

If you have to re-pump your tyres again and again and you find your tyres underinflated every time, a slow puncture is present in your tyre. Slow punctures are dangerous if you avoid them for a long time.

If you are sure that your tyres have a slow puncture, you need to see your mechanic instantly.

What Should You Do To Avoid Slow Punctures?

Whenever you are about to leave for a short or long trip, you have to check your tyres. Do you feel any difference in the shape of any tyre? If you find one of your tyres under-inflated, this is a clear sign of low air pressure in your tyre.

Low air pressure in your tyres takes place due to other reasons as well but remember that slow punctures can also be a reason.

Sometimes it is hard to observe hard and sharp objects in the tyre if has low air pressure. You have to re-pump your tyres to detect sharp objects. It is possible a sharp object will be visible when you fill your tyres with enough air.

Punctures may occur suddenly on roads as well. Therefore, it is possible you start your trip with properly inflated tyres but suddenly you find that one of your tyres is losing air rapidly.

In this case, it is possible that your tyre is experiencing a puncture. In this case, your tyre needs repair work instantly.

It Is Not A Good Idea To Drive On A Flat Tyre

If your vehicle suddenly pulls to one side and you feel you are unable to control your vehicle, it is possible that one of your tyres has low air pressure.

In this condition, stop your car instantly and check the air pressure in your tyres. You will soon find the tyre that is a victim of a nasty puncture. Park your car in a safe and sheltered area and then, think about your next step. These steps should not include driving the vehicle on a punctured tyre. If you drive on a flat tyre, it is possible your tyre may face more damage and you have to pay more for the repair work.

How To Fix The Puncture Problem?

You may fix the issue easily if the puncture is repairable. Your mechanic will not repair the faulty area if the puncture is too deep or wide to cause serious damage to your tyre. Moreover, mechanics do not repair the tiny hole if it is present on the sidewall. If you have repaired a single area of your tyre many times, do not try to repair it again. These areas are weak and may cause a blowout at any time.

If the puncture is repairable, you may fix the issue with the help of a puncture repair kit. These kits come with tyre sealants. These sealants fill the tiny hole to repair your tyres temporarily. Visit the garage for a permanent fix to the problem.

If you have your toolbox and a spare tyre in your car, change the flat tyre easily to resume your journey.

If you do not know to replace your flat tyre with a spare tyre, call a mobile tyre-fitting company. When you call the company, a mobile van will come to help you to change the tyre easily.

How To Avoid Punctures In Tyres?

Try to avoid sharp objects that you find on the road. Moreover, drive your car smoothly without hitting your tyres on bumps or potholes. Additionally, always drive with proper tread depth since tread depth is essential to keep your tyres safe from punctures.

Air may escape making your tyre underinflated because of other issues as well like valve damage, tyre bead damage, the natural tendency of rubber material to lose air etc. Try to maintain your Car Tyres Ipswich to avoid these issues in your tyres. 


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