Buying heavy equipment should not be a matter of trust. It depends on your ability to analyze the equipment before buying it. If you are not able to inspect the equipment properly then do not blame the dealer for giving you the odd machine. 

I know it seems a little rude, but the construction equipment and the industry itself are very rigid. You can expect scams at several ends but being highly attentive and expert is the only thing that saves you from scammers. If you find it difficult to research things, you may ask your colleagues who are experts in the field. 

In this article, we are giving you some tips to buy heavy equipment from the auction. Keep these things in mind when you visit the auction next time for equipment shopping.

Investigate the machine

Buying an excavator or a road grader for sale from an auction may save you a lot of money at the time. But the most important question is how to find the best and good quality machine from the auction. It is not that much difficult. All you need to do is to research the machine. First, analyze which machine you are going to buy. Then research the market for the price of that particular model. 

When you are bidding on the machine, check it thoroughly. The fresh and over-paint can hide many of the fishy faults under its layer. Remember that in the auction, you are buying used equipment, so it must look like a used unit. Check the wear and tear in the machine. Pressure and leakage in the tire. Look for the documents and certification or licenses. Also, check the maintenance record of the equipment. All the papers must be crystal clear and should not have any glitches in them.

Investigate the seller

The credibility of the seller is very important to investigate. If the seller is new in the market, then take necessary measures to check his credibility. And if you are going to deal with the old dealer, then still you can ask his previous customers and other industry experts.

If the seller is not a dealer but a construction contractor, then look for the job he has been doing with the machine. For example, if you are looking at two machines having the same hours of running and the same price, and the same model but the usage is in different fields. When a machine came from the earthmoving project and other from the mining project, then choose the one from the earthmoving one. Because the heavy equipment used in the earthmoving project will comparatively have less wear and tear.


When you need to purchase heavy machinery, you might look at a few different options. You can purchase new equipment directly from a dealer or you can find an auctioneer. There is also the option of a used machinery dealer available if you are confident about the seller. But there are a lot of things that you might need to look into if you try to purchase heavy equipment online through a local dealer or seller.

Buying used equipment like a road grader for sale from an auction needs some consideration. A lot of times, people face scams due to a bad decision and bad research ability and then they blame the dealer. I personally, recommend taking a deep investigation by yourself before buying heavy equipment from an auction. In this article, you may find some tips to keep in mind while going to the auction next time.

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