dOne of the most popular novelties for outdoor activities for children and adults is a gyro scooter – an electric transport system in the form of a board with wheels and gyro sensors. And, contrary to the initial opinion and admiration of many for such equipment, it is not easy to ride it, you will have to learn a little. But this does not stop outdoor enthusiasts and those who want to improve their physical fitness without monotonous and boring workouts. Today we will talk about how to choose a hoverboard and determine the best model based on customer reviews and technical specifications.

How to choose a gyro scooter?

The first thing to consider is how you will use the device. Pay attention to personal characteristics that may affect the operation of the device and its lifespan.
The diameter of wheels for mini-segways ranges from 3-10 inches. The most popular are wheelsets from 4 to 10 inches. This is enough for the transport to develop speed and have good crossing.
To operate the device without problems, you need to pay attention to the maximum load. Modern Gyro scooters designed for adults can withstand a person weighing 60-120 kg. Completely abandon the purchase or lose extra pounds.
This indicator is interpret differently in different versions so be careful Feel free to ask what the power indicated in the characteristics means – for the power unit or the structure as a whole. It is important that there are no complaints that the actual power of the product does not meet the specified parameters.

Battery capacity
This indicator is especially relevant if you intend to use the hoverboard for traveling long distances. They are design for a distance of 15 to 20 km.
Street corner
There are models design for riding on a horizontal plane, and more “advance” corrections can overcome slopes within 15-30 degrees.
Unfortunately for many, it is a cost that is the limiting factor when purchasing a product. But it’s better to choose a mini-Segway from a trusted brand than buy something cheap. But frankly low quality. It is best to buy such products in specialized stores. It will not be superfluous to inquire about the availability of a certificate.

Which gyro scooter is better?

As you can understand, it all depends on the age, individual physique characteristics of the rider, and how often you ride. For babies 6-7 years old, the Smart Balance Umka model is suitable. This is one of the best gyro scooters for young children. The scooter is safe, it develops a speed of no more than 7-8 km / h, so you can not be afraid that the child will be injure in a fall. Another advantage of children’s models is that they weigh little, so even a child can carry them.
For little girls, models with wheel sizes of 6.5 inches are best suit. The model has a lightweight and decent development speed. By the way, this is an option for children 7-10 years old.
Teens from 10 to 17 years old will be pleased with mini-segways with 8-inch wheels. Such models have more cross-country ability than described. It can also be use for driving on rough roads.

How to choose an adult gyro scooter

The choice of an adult man is a device with 10-inch wheels compare to the 6.5 and 8-inch models, such products are more powerful. Skating on snow, sand, or dirt roads is a real thing.
For the elderly, gyro scooters with handles are suitable. It is a handle that makes the vehicle easier to handle and reduces the risk of falling.

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