Posiflex Rugtek RP80USE Thermal Receipt Printer

Buying a point-of-sale printer is an essential part of retail store planning. Digitization of the billing process has made it easy to generate bills fast and error-free, and a printer is required to print customer copies of bills.

The printer works on printing technology like dot-matrix, thermal, and inkjet. It needs paper rolls to print bills. Since rolls have to be changed during consumption, users should keep this factor in mind while shopping for a printing machine. Design, connectivity, and power consumption are other factors to consider with this machine.

Things to consider when buying a printing machine

Printer Type

Thermal Printers

A preferred choice in restaurants, retail stores, and supermarkets, these machines use heat to print on paper. They are more beneficial in POS operations despite their high upfront cost because delivering better and sharper image quality. Posiflex Rugtek RP80USE thermal receipt printer works silently and lasts longer.

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Dot Matrix Printers

Dot matrix is ​​not old technology, but it is slower than thermal technology. The advantage of dot matrix technology is its minimal upfront cost and ability to operate in hot environments. But they also have some limitations as they can only print in two colors – black and red. In addition, they work on ink ribbons that require frequent replacement.

Inkjet Printers

These machines are better suited for printing color logos and graphics-oriented coupons. It’s not that they can’t print receipts, but small/medium-sized retail stores don’t like this technology. The advantages of inkjet technology are low upfront cost, low noise, and ease of use. But you should choose the Posiflex Rugtek RP80USE Thermal Receipt Printer.

Print Speed

It is the speed with which a printing machine produces receipts and the speed of your printer will directly affect your sales process. If it’s slow, your customers will have to wait longer. Receipt printer speed is measured in receipts per minute (RPM) or millimeters per second (mm/s) of paper rolls. An effective printing machine produces receipts every second.

Connectivity and Compatibility

You’ll need connectivity options such as Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB to connect the POS printer to your POS monitor. Ethernet is a wired connection and is therefore considered best for connecting multiple POS to the same printer. Wi-Fi is also a good option as it provides freedom from wires while you will need a router to connect and power the system. Bluetooth technology works best when you need to print receipts through your mobile. USB connectivity is also a great option though it offers limited mobility as USB cables are often short in length.


Avoid buying a printing machine that consumes much of the space available on the POS table. There should be an area left for storing luggage, reading barcodes, and doing other important things. At the same time, a large printing machine can serve as an unnecessary hindrance to working without any hassle. Consider the space a printing machine requires before judging it.

Roll Load Speed

You are speeding up at POS when you see that the printing machine has run out of paper. And it will be a great help if the machine allows you to replace your paper rolls without any hassle. The option to replace the roll should be given at the top so that you can pop the machine, remove the consumed roll, and insert a new roll without wasting much time. Keep this in mind when looking for a printer for sale.

Power Consumption

Of all the printing machines available for receipt printing, thermal technology consumes maximum power as it generates heat to print the ink on the paper. USB machines consume less energy but the efficiency here is limited as the power comes from an attached device. Battery-operated printing machines look more energy-friendly, but here you need to replace the batteries frequently.

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Receipt Customization

A customer receipt is more than a piece of paper with transaction records. It is an opportunity to give more information and details of your business. For example, you can print your business logo on receipts. Also, you can provide a link to your website so that customers can shop online. Also, in the retail industry, businesses require more than one receipt. Banks and other legal entities print receipts in large quantities but retailers require a receipt for customers. If you need multiple receipts, you should purchase a dot matrix machine or you should opt for the Posiflex Rugtec RP80USE Thermal Receipt Printer.


A printing machine will cost you a price and the cost of a machine is determined by the technology it uses, size, and brand. Dot matrix and inkjet machines are most cost-effective than thermal machines. But you should consider other factors such as print speed, roll load speed, dimensions, and power consumption when shopping for a printing machine.

Today you can easily buy printers online and you can anticipate attractive discounts from online sellers. But instead of buying substandard quality printing machines at low-grade prices, you should invest in a thermal printer that can give you the speed you need to print more receipts per minute and make more sales.

Final Thoughts

If you are planning a retail store on a large scale and you expect a huge number of visitors to your store, you should equip your POS with the best printing machine so that you can print faster. In addition, the print quality of receipts should be high so that buyers can check transaction records and other details like your business logo. Also, go through

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