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How to Export MBOX File from Thunderbird to PDF on Mac?

Do you want to export MBOX file from Thunderbird to PDF on Mac? If yes, then follow the article further and know how to export MBOX file from Thunderbird to PDF in simple steps without data loss.

Mozilla Thunderbird is a term which is very popular among users and organizations. It is an email client which works as a Personal Information Manager as well. The email application is known for managing the user daily activities such as emails, calendar, contacts, tasks and other items. It creates MBOX file type that stores the entire list of user emails with attachments. But, sometimes, due to important and unavoidable issues, users need to save MBOX files into PDF format. And, one of the main reason of exporting Thunderbird MBOX to PDF Mac is the warning of full storage space. Because, there is no space left for the new emails to add in the mailbox and due to this people need to free up the space by deleting the old emails or saving them into a reliable file format such as PDF.

Why to Choose PDF for Converting Thunderbird MBOX Files?

There are many reasons of choosing PDF for saving Thunderbird MBOX files and some of them are as listed:

  • PDF has multiple levels of security which keeps the document protected from unreliable third party sources.
  • It is an independent file format. In other words, users can open and view PDF data on any platform without any trouble.
  • Highly useful for forensic purposes because PDF documents are considered safe and secure as compared to other file formats.
  • Through PDF Editor, users can edit the PDF file and make changes in the document according to their needs.
  • Ability to compress large file size upto 25% without compromising the content quality.

However, there are lot more other benefits of using PDF document. Therefore, organizations and users prefer to opt PDF when think of converting the email client supported file format.

So, in the blog, we are providing the amazing method that will instantly exporting unlimited Thunderbird MBOX files into PDF at once. Moreover, the output will be 100% accurate.

How to Export MBOX File from Thunderbird to PDF on Mac?

MBOX to PDF Converter Mac is a mind-blowing solution which batch export MBOX file from Thunderbird to PDF on Mac in a single time. The software offers user-friendly and time-saving GUI with intelligible steps that makes the processing of the tool fast. So, technical and novice users can perform the process without wasting their time and in seconds.

The MBOX Converter for Mac includes many features that users can use as per their requirement and save the resultant file accordingly. And, users will get the opportunity to test the process of exporting Thunderbird MBOX files to PDF by downloading the trial edition.

Step 1. Run Thunderbird to PDF Tool on macOS.

Step 2. Upload Thunderbird MBOX files by making use of Add Files/Add Folder buttons and click on Next.

Step 3. Thunderbird MBOX files with checkboxes start listing on the software panel. The checkbox plays a part in implementing the selective conversion for those who wants to export particular files into PDF. Click Next.

Step 4. Select PDF by clicking on Select Saving Option.

Step 5. PDF has multiple options allowing to save the emails and attachments accordingly. Set them and click on Export.

Step 6. The Thunderbird to PDF conversion starts immediately and one can check the export process through Live Conversion screen as shown below –

When the tool completes the process of Thunderbird to PDF, it will show “Conversion Completed” pop-up on the screen with OK button. Click on it and the auto-generated log file will be appeared straightaway. Users can check the saving option, start and end time process, saving path, items converted etc. from the same and save it at desired location.

Last Words

In the blog, we have mentioned an extraordinary solution which directly export unlimited MBOX files of Thunderbird to PDF. The MBOX Converter for Mac is easy, friendly, secure and cost-effective. It is all-in-one solution which comes with many exceptional features to ease the work for users. However, the trial edition will prove useful for those who wants to test the software working. It allows to export 25 MBOX files from Thunderbird to PDF free of cost.

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