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Online payment methods have great helped people in every sector and have made transactions really hassle-free. Also, it does not take much time as offline methods do. You do not have to stand in long queues anymore to pay for your gas booking. LPG booking online is an easy process and helps you save a lot of time. You also go with the gas booking process faster, without having to go through the intricate and tiring task of offline gas booking payment. Here is how you can do an online gas bill payment without having to spend any extra seconds. 

This article provides you with complete information on how to generate and proceed with the online gas bill payment. So, read to know more!

Step by step process of Gas Bill Payment

  • Open the concernen gas provider’s website where you have to place an order for the LPG gas cylinder. You can select the company that seems to be most trustworthy and popular in the Indian market. 
  • Go through the various schemes and policies offer by the gas provider companies to get yourself assure. Then decide according to what seems the best option available to you.
  • Select the best option, enter your details like gas ID, register on phone number, etc. to move with the LPG booking online.
  • Once you have enter all the necessary details, click on the button that says, ‘Click to pay, and then go on with it.
  • You will get various options for payment. Choose the payment option you are comfortable with. Proceed with the payment. Once it gets complete, you can rest assure that your gas has been book. 
  • To confirm the same, you will also receive a confirmation message to the register number or mail ID. 
  • The Online gas bill payment is done this way and is really very simple. You do not have to do any kind of paperwork or pitch your signature anywhere. It is just booking and paying with your prefer payment method.
  • Opting for the LPG booking online saves your time and money. You must definitely consider it if you are planning to book an LPG gas cylinder when you are out of fuel. 

Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP): 

This option is offered by most banks for the payment of different bills through net banking. It is one of the most common methods of Online gas bill payment and can be made use of if you are planning to book your gas online and pay for it online. Follow these steps in order to do the online gas bill payment within a few simple steps. 

Open the website where you want to place an order for your gas cylinder. Log in to your account and order a cylinder. Move towards the payment section.

  • Click on the ‘Pay now’ button that pops up.
  • Next, Click on “Register for a New Biller”.
  • Enter your place of residence and your state.
  • Select the ‘Category of Billers’ as ‘Utility’.
  • Choose the name of the company where you have to make the payment and then click on register.
  • Enter your BP number and add a nickname for the reference.
  • You can select between the ‘Auto pay’ and the ‘Manual pay’ provided by the bank.

Thus, your online gas bill payment for LPG gas booking gets complete. It is quite an easy process that does not even require you to think about the steps. You can just fill in the details required and then proceed as the page directs. You would end up at the payment window, where you can make the payment through the online means of payment.

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Credit cards, debit cards as well as e-wallets can be used to make payments for your LPG gas booking. UPI IDs can also be used for making an online gas bill payment. This can be done by either manually entering the UPI ID or making use of the QR code allotted to your UPI account. No extra charges are deducted for making your gas bill payment online. 

Using third-party applications

If you want to grab exciting offers and lucrative rewards on gas bill payments online, you have to choose to pay through the third-party applications available in India. Paytm, Free Charge, Mobikwik, etc. are some of the popular apps used here. You can also find slash prices in these apps during the major offer days. 

Opting to do your LPG gas booking online via Paytm, can get you a cashback of up to Rs. 500 in total. This exclusive offer is only applicable to first-time users for their single gas booking through the app.

You can also use Mobikwik and Free charge to get beneficial coupons and rewards which offer you more discounts during other in-app purchases. You also have the chance to get rewards for doing online gas bill payments that will accumulate in the wallet, which you can use later.

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