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How to Manually Repair your Offline Folder File into PST for FREE?

Are you experiencing difficulty?? Now repair your offline folder file manually? Or you couldn’t find an easy solution to convert an OST file to PST, EML, MSG, EMLx, Apple for Mac Os, [vCard for Contacts[ICS for Calendar], Office 365, Exchange server, Gmail Account, Gsuite Google Mail, Godaddy, Yahoo, Hostgator, Rediffmail,, and others.

Do not be concerned about this! This blog will walk you through the process of manually converting OST to PST. Before we go into the manual methods, every user has the same question: Why do they need to convert their OST file to PST format?

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To summarise, there are several reasons why a user would need to convert OST to PST format.

Due to an Exchange Server Crash or Failure:

MS Exchange server may have an unusable or unexpected crash, system failure, or malware assault, among other things. When the Microsoft Exchange Server fails for any reason, you are unable to connect to it. These kinds of scenarios can have a negative impact on your work/business and are extremely difficult to manage. As a result of this, Outlook Profile displays numerous problems. As a result, you must convert OST to PST in order to avoid this problem.

If your Exchange Server account is accidentally deleted and you lose your data, you can quickly retrieve it by converting OST to PST.

OST Data Migration: When migrating data from one machine to another, a user may need to convert OST to PST. This becomes critical when a company is attempting to migrate its data from one machine to another.

Exchange Server Maintenance: When an Exchange server is down for maintenance, accessing corrupted or lost mailbox items become rather challenging. Then, if you wish to view these mailbox items, you must Export OST to PST.

Following our discussion of these concerns, we’ll look at manual techniques for converting OST to PST.

There are three manual techniques to repair your offline folder file. I will describe each method in detail one by one. You may use it any way you like to convert OST to PST through OST to PST converter software by expertise.

Manual Conversion of OST to PST

1st Method. Import/Export Tool:

This approach allows you to convert OST to PST. You can export your data to Excel or CSV.

  • Launch Microsoft Outlook on your computer.
  • Then, on the “File” tab, click.
  • Select the “Import & Export” menu item.
  • After that, select “Export to a file.”
  • Click on the “Next” button.
  • Following that, click on Personal File Folder (.pst).
  • After that, click the “Next” button.
  • After selecting the parent root, click the “Include subfolders” option.
  • Then navigate to and pick the desired folder.
  • To conclude, click the “Finish” button.

2nd Method. The Drag & Drop Method:

This method requires the creation of a new PST file. After that, you simply drag and drop your folders to save them. It is used to migrate objects from an OST mailbox to a new PST file format.

  • To begin, begin by opening Microsoft Outlook on your PC.
  • Then, on your Outlook profile, create a new PST file.
  • Then just choose and drag all of the mailbox folders that you wish to migrate into the newly formed PST format.

3rd Method. Archive

  • To begin, launch Microsoft Outlook on your computer.
  • Select Archive from the “File” menu.
  • Now, choose the file/folder to archive.
  • Choose a location for the PST file to be stored.
  • After that, click “Finish.”
  • Thus, these are the manual conversion techniques to repair your offline folder file. However, there are several disadvantages to manual approaches.
  • You will require an identical exchange account.
  • You cannot convert an OST file that has been corrupted.
  • It is a lengthy procedure.
  • Only a qualified specialist may convert an OST file.
  • It will make no attempt to preserve the structure of moved data.
  • There is a chance of data loss.


Thus, let us summarise this post. We began by discussing the reasons to repair your offline folder file and then explored three manual techniques for doing so.

Following that, we discovered the limits of manually converting OST to PST. After examining these factors, I’ve concluded that utilizing third-party software is the more dependable and superior solution.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below.



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