Rugs are the foundation of home decor. It is the best way to transform your place. Also, it can change the mode, style, and look of your home. Suppose you decorate every corner and leave the floor bare. Your interior will also lack a significant missing, and the whole theme will look incomplete and unorganized. A rug completes the room theme. These soft, smooth, and vibrant pieces on the floor make it like artwork. A beautifully crafted rug itself is an excellent adorn item in your home.  Likewise, you can get hand-woven or machine-made, wool or silk, depending on your choice and budget.

Benefits of Rugs

Rugs are multitaskers. From reducing noise to warming a room, it has also so many benefits. They enhance the style of a place as well as cover the floors and protect them from wear and tear. Here we tell you why you need at least one or two rugs in your home.

  • Rugs are also the best way to change a room’s theme from dark to light or light to dark. For dark walls and accessories, go for a light shade of rug. And for light walls, go for a bright rug on the floor.
  • Rugs can also create a luxurious look in the room. It makes your floor soft and cozy.
  • They are also best to define a room or a corner. Also, rugs are perfect for separating an area in the hallway.
  • Rugs can multiply too the beauty of a place. A colorful and exciting pattern on the floor makes your space attractive and inviting.
  • Area Rugs add color, texture, and softness to a place.
  • Rugs make your place warm and cozy. A soft rug feels like stepping on cotton candy while walking over it.
  • They protect you from slipping, providing safety and comfort.
  • They protect your floor from wear and tear and also cover floor imperfections.

Styling 8×10 Rugs

Rugs provide beauty and comfort to a place. They make your home cozy and give it homey vibes once you select a beautiful rectangular rug. Its styling is more important. Here are some tips and tricks for perfect rug placement.

Measure The Room Size

Measurement of the area is more important when buying a rug. Take a measurement tape and also measure the space. A rug should be 16 to 18 inches smaller than the room size. Too long or too small will make your place unpleasant and awkward. 

A Bigger Is Better

The bigger the rug, the better it is. You can also put them in the main parts of the house. A rug of size 8×9 is the ideal rug for a home. It is the most versatile rug in your home decor. If you get bored of it in the living room, move it to the bedroom or other part without worrying.

Experiment is Better

Never be afraid of experimenting with your rug. Place it, combine multi patterns, never be shy of jewel shades, and go for the brightest or the lightest. Mix and match complementary shades. If you also know the basic styling tricks and also color theory, your styling can never go wrong. Opt for different shades and shapes. Layer it or mix it. You will also get what you desire, A unique and chic floor in your room.

Here is to experiment with a rug of size 8×10 in your home decor for a more trendy design.

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  1. Living Room

The living room is the focal point in your home. It is the place you also spend time with friends and family. Moreover, You enjoy weekend movie nights and Netflix series on long summer afternoons. A rug of size 8×10 also creates a seating area for the friend’s gossip session in the lounge. Place the rug in a way that all furniture’s front legs should be on the rug. You can also place floor cushions on the side too. You can also make two seating areas with the help of a rug in a large living hall.

  1. Dining Room

A medium rectangular rug is a suitable choice for a dining room. It should cover the seating area entirely and be six to eight inches larger than the seating area to make chair movement easy. Also, opting for a dining hall rug, make sure to buy one which is a bit darker shade and easy to clean material. A rug pad is also necessary for the dining hall to protect it from wrinkles. 

Another option for outdoor dining is to put the rug in the garden or rooftop. Place a table in the center and surround it with cushions. It will make a middle eastern dining vibe.

  1. The Bedroom

A bedroom is your particular spot in the house. A place you can only imagine is mine. A place you want to go also after a hectic day. You enjoy every small moment here. A rug in the bedroom should also be large enough to show half of the room. Place area rugs in the bedroom to be half under the bed and have enough space to put a bench on it. Also, it should cover both sides of the bed for comfort in the morning. You can also layer it with a small round shag or plush rug for a more luxurious look.

  1. Outdoor Rug

A medium rug might not be suitable for outdoor and backyard use. But you can place it for an outdoor event in the garden or rooftop. You can make a middle eastern dining style in the garden or put a green plush rug of 8×10 on the balcony to give it a fake grass style. You can also make a movie spot in the garden with a rug and many colorful cushions. 

Layer It

Another better option for a medium rug is to layer it with a wall-to-wall carpet. You can also take a solid color base carpet or rug and layer it with a vibrant or multi-color rug on the top. Besides beauty, layering is also beneficial for that extra warmth and comfort on chilly winter evenings. 

Cover A Wall

The best option to make your room wall colors and like the artwork is to cover it with a bohemian or Moroccan rug. Moreover, Moroccan or Persian rugs are traditional and antique pieces of colorful and exquisite patterns. The dynamic designs can also make your place marvelous. You should also cover a worn-out wall with a rug of an alluring design.
Summing Up, 8×10 rugs are medium rectangular rugs optional for any part of your house. You can play with this rug and style it in any way. It is the rug that will never disappoint you while experimenting with its positioning and styling. At Rug Knots, there is an amazing collection of rugs. Browse their website and find the best rug in the comfort of your home.

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