luxury rigid boxes

Luxury rigid boxes have come a long way. Initially, the sole purpose they served was the security and protection of delicate retail items. But, now, they have extended use and are a vital aspect of a brand’s marketing strategy. When designed creatively and strategically, they create numerous value points for a brand. For instance, they set you apart from the competition, serve as a medium of communication, add to people’s experience, and so on. Just design them with an on-brand theme, and they are ready to increase not just your brand recognition and recall but also customer conversions. Let us discuss some interesting ideas to leverage their brand marketing potential completely.

Creative design for luxury rigid boxes:

The fundamental aspect of any marketing strategy is to get the attention of the target customers. You cannot capture their heed or raise their interest in your products unless or until the packaging design is spot-on. Keep that in your mind and develop an out-of-the-box design idea for your custom rigid boxes. While doing so, remember to go beyond the usual format, structure, and design expectations of the general audience. Only then can you manage to set yourself apart from the competition?

Start thinking of some irregular yet creative shapes for the packages other than rectangular and square ones. Or, go for some unique textures that offer a seamless aesthetic and tactile experience to the people. You can also think of printing graphic images on the packaging boxes that integrate well with people’s mobile phones through augmented reality. This will let you have the undivided attention of the customers, which will increase your product recognition and recall in the market.

Themed luxury rigid boxes:

You are packaging with rote and similar designs always does little for the promotion of your business. Customers do not usually take an interest in the products that come in such designs. Therefore, introduce some subtle changes in rigid box design from time to time. Mark down your calendars for important events, holidays, seasons, and essential personal milestones of your business. This will give you a fair bit of an idea to seamlessly change the color, typography, and texture of your box design. For instance, we suppose that your business is nearly completing its 25 years in the market. If this is the case, you can think of including silver embellishments in your packaging design. This themed or versioned design allows you to have the complete attention of the captive audience toward your retail products.

Add promotional elements:

Think of luxury packaging as promotional real estate. It does not just protect your retail items. But offers a blank canvas for relaying a targeted message to the people. So, leverage this opportunity in your favor and add promotional elements to the box design. There are many exciting ideas in this regard. For instance, the addition of coupon codes, QR codes, hidden URLs, etc. Integrate these elements with your business’s main website in such a way that they lead to special offers and discounts. Remember that these promotional elements work best when you make them interactive. Therefore, do not forget to include interactive games and puzzles in your packaging design to enhance people’s engagement. The more potential clients are engaged, the more likely they will share their positive experiences with others.

Match them with advertising campaigns:

Every business looking to compete in the target market devises a marketing campaign. In this campaign, they ensure to match all the elements together for the best possible results. Just look at any successful brand, and you will find that all of its billboards, commercials, radio ads, and web ads follow a similar theme. So, of course, you will also create such a campaign to raise your brand awareness in the market. While doing so, consider including the custom rigid boxes into the mix. Then, match these packages with the advertising campaign by strategically using colors, typography, and imagery. Such an approach pledges to make your retail products more memorable and recognizable for the target customers.

Include target-oriented extras:

One of the most delicate things that promise you the full attention of the end consumers is the inclusion of custom inserts and gifts inside the luxury packaging. It is an affectionate way of saying thank you to potential clients and promoting goodwill that influences them to buy from you again. Other than these extras, you can also think of adding coupon codes, customer-specific samples, and product-specific add-ons. These little extras never fail to surprise and impress potential clients, which imprints a good image of your business in their minds.

Make them reusable:

The priorities and preferences of potential modern clients have changed drastically, especially in the previous 5-10 years. They still want to purchase the retail items that engage them emotionally and offer extra value. However, many have begun to seek out greener and eco-friendly brands that promise to fight against pollution and waste. So, show them how ecologically responsible your brand is by making the rigid box design reusable. Think of some creative ideas in this regard and develop a design that serves a beneficial purpose for the people. This will earn your business credit in the minds of modern-day potential clients.

It doesn’t matter how good your brand marketing is; if luxury rigid boxes are not included in the marketing mix, no one will notice your product. These packaging solutions must stand out at a glance while also highlighting your brand’s story, values, and message. So, utilize their print compatibility and turn them into mobile advertising for your target audience. A word of caution here is to avoid clutter while informing potential clients and stay as straight as possible in your messaging.