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iPhone Repair Center Faridabad: The Most Common iPhone Problems Found in Used iPhones and How to Fix Them

If you’re trying to buy secondhand iPhones, you’re probably aware that each iPhone model has experienced some problems. It’s critical to be aware of any potential problems before buying these gadgets from a used iPhone wholesaler.

Many of the typical issues with iPhones can be resolved for relatively little money at any iPhone repair center Faridabad . Here is a list of frequent iPhone issues to look out for when purchasing old phones.

The Most Popular iPhone Issues

You may look far and wide for second-hand iPhones that have undergone thorough testing and precise rating. Despite your best efforts, you could still run into a variety of iPhone problems. Before considering visiting an Apple iPhone service center in Delhi, here are the top five iPhone issues and solutions for each.

1. Battery problems

Like other lithium batteries, iPhone batteries degrade over time. The likelihood of the battery failing on an iPhone increases with age.

Battery capacity on used iPhones is usually lower than on new ones. Nevertheless, some older iPhones can experience issues with quick battery drain, where the battery drops from 80% to 20% in a short period of time, particularly after some iOS updates. Apple revealed that older battery-powered iPhones will operate more slowly.

The good news is that further upgrades solve certain well-known software-related battery-drain issues. Additionally, Apple has introduced monitoring of battery capacity.

How to Replace a Bad Battery

First, update the iOS on the phone. Replace the battery if this doesn’t work; you can typically do this in a few minutes. And with each attempt, it becomes simpler.

2. Problems with Touch ID and Face ID

Used iPhones can have problems with the Touch ID security function. These problems are frequently momentary and easily resolved by installing new software. This does not always

How to Fix Touch ID Problems

Restore the system settings to default. Update to the most recent version of iOS and rescan a fingerprint if that doesn’t work.

Be aware that Touch ID can be delicate. This enables you to clear away any dirt or debris that could otherwise stop the reader from working properly. A mild touch won’t trigger a response from the Touch ID.

How to Address Face ID Issues

With the release of the iPhone X in 2017, Face ID started to replace Touch ID as the main user authentication technology. Like Touch ID, Face ID occasionally stops working. A typical failure situation is when it stops functioning following an iOS upgrade. Restarting the iPhone if the Face ID is configured properly but your face isn’t unlocking the device. Reset Face ID in the Settings menu if it doesn’t resolve the problem.

3. Touch Illness

The iPhone screen issue known as Touch Disease is distinct. The touch controller chip’s partial connection to the logic board causes this problem. A grey bar that flickers at the top of the display is the first sign of the problem. The phone’s touch screen becomes unresponsive as the chip continues to dislodge.

The most frequent problem in the iPhone 6 and 6+ was this one. Later iPhone versions include it as well.

Fixing Touch Disease

Touch Disease might be cured by a straightforward force restart. Alternately, you can remove and replace your iPhone’s SIM card, reset the device’s factory settings, or erase resource-intensive apps from your iPhone.

You can microsolder the touch screen controller chip back onto the logic board if none of these other options are successful. However, it is preferable to get the microsoldering done by an iPhone repair center Faridabad.  This calls for accuracy and caution.

4. There are none

Lack of vibrations might be among the most prevalent issues with iPhones. Your iPhone handset is malfunctioning if there are no vibrations. The vibration motor in your iPhone might need to be changed to resolve the problem. Fortunately, it’s not too difficult to change the vibration motor in a secondhand iPhone.

Occasionally, following an iOS upgrade, a device will stop vibrating or giving haptic feedback. However, software problems aren’t necessarily to blame for problems.


Depending on who you buy from, the quality of your iPhone inventory will vary. You can completely prevent numerous device difficulties if you select a reliable supplier of precisely rated iPhones. Before buying you can get your iPhone checked at any iPhone repair center Faridabad.

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