Can It Be The First Choice During Infertility

IVF (In-Vitro-fertilization) for infertility

IVF treatment, aka test tube baby treatment. The technique follows a streamlined fertilization process and several steps that happen over 2 to 3 weeks. There’s a proper setting to carry out the procedure at one of the Best Test Tube Baby Centre in Punjab to improve the success chances of conception. The fertility doctor checks everything, so there’s ease and better planning to carry out the treatment with specific conditions.

Being a modern and inventive method, it makes one of the successful and effective options in assisted reproductive technology. Moreover, there’s a possibility IVF is the fine line of treatment for patients diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve or fallopian damaged tubes. To make your Test Tube baby treatment in Punjab as stress-free as possible, look for an experienced fertility doctor.

IVF delight the infertile couple with improved pregnancy success

When you begin your IVF at one of the Best IVF Centre in Punjab, you need to follow a proper plan. Right from egg collection to waiting for 14 days to check the pregnancy test results, there’s a lot that happens. So, the IVF includes several things like:

The fertilization happens in the test tube or the glass but outside the body. The healthy eggs and sperm are fertilized together to make the conception journey better. Once the embryo has  reached the blastocyst stage, the embryologist transfers it back to the reproductive tract. Then implantation happens, and there’s a requirement to wait around 14 days to check for pregnancy test results.  

Please Note!

The woman’s reproductive system is slightly complex. That’s the reason it’s essential to get medical assistance from time to time. And if there’s any problem, the  Best Gynaecologist in Punjab will check your overall health and let you know the necessary step that you need to take.

 The ideal candidate for IVF cycle

When you visit one of the Test Tube Baby Centre, the fertility doctor will first check whether you are a suitable candidate for the IVF cycle or not. There are a few instances where it’s suggested right away, like:

  • IVF works best for women with problems like a damaged fallopian tube, absent fallopian tube, or blocked fallopian tube. Sometimes an infection can be the reason.
  • The couples were diagnosed with unexplained infertility. There’s a possibility both males and women have infertility problems. That’s why it’s essential to get the fertility diagnosis of both partners. If there’s a factor of severe male infertility, then IVF-ICSI is a suitable approach.
  • The possible causes of infertility require IVF like:
  • Ovulation issue
  • Endometriosis problem
  • Antibody issues with sperm or eggs
  • Had several IUI cycle failures. That means there’s a need for something more advanced and effective.  

Following IVF Treatment protocol are essential

The IVF treatment follows a set of protocols to make the treatment successful. From egg stimulation to embryo transfer, the fertility doctor takes care of several things. If you are going through the infertility journey and want better medical assistance, then schedule an initial consultation at Dr. Sumita Sofat Hospital to better understand everything.

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