Johnny The Healer

While practicing his profession, Johnny The Healer specializes in alternative healing methods. He decides to visit the town where his last client resides. This client is a drug addict, alcoholic, and sexual abuser. While working on this case, Johnny is curious about the benefits of Reiki, an ancient Japanese technique. As a result, he learns about this technique and decides to give it a try on this troubled client.

Johnny Tabaie

As the founder of the Holistic Sanctuary Drug Rehab Treatment Center, Johnny Tabaie has dedicated his life to helping people overcome addiction and other mental health issues. In fact, his proprietary method, the Pouyan Method, has been used to cure depression, alcoholism, pain medication dependency, and addiction. The Pouyan Method combines all-natural holistic elements with plant medicine to cure patients. This holistic approach helps patients experience a higher quality of life while achieving a positive mindset.

The Holistic Sanctuary

When conventional rehab programs have failed, many people turn to holistic alternatives like Johnny the Healer’s The Holistic Sanctuary. This facility offers treatment based on the cause of addiction rather than the symptoms. In fact, the treatment program uses ancient plant medicine to treat the patient as a whole. It’s a proven system that will get people clean and sober. To learn more about Holistic Sanctuary, read on!

Ibogaine treatment

For the past 15 years, Ibogaine has been used in the holistic healing field to treat addiction. This drug is extracted from plants and is not toxic or addictive. However, it is an effective treatment for addiction because it can stop the cycle of drug use. The treatment is based on the experience and knowledge of Johnny Tabaie, the founder of Holistic Sanctuary, who has successfully treated over 1000 patients.

Stem cell therapy

Stem cell therapy is an alternative medical treatment that uses a patient’s own adult stem cells to treat damaged joints. And Stem cells are known as the natural powerhouses of healing. They are capable of rebuilding damaged tissues and can even heal the heart. Johnny The Healer is a famous comic book character who has undergone stem cell therapy to repair the damage he’s suffered. The procedure can be performed on a variety of body parts, including the fingers, joints, discs, facets, and muscles.


Though there is some debate over the exact definition of psychedelics, some medical practitioners consider it to be a gateway drug that will facilitate psychotherapy. In the U.S., ketamine has been approved for use as an anesthetic since 1950, but more recently, it has garnered interest in the biomedical realm because of its fast-acting antidepressant properties. However, while ketamine is regarded as a gateway drug, most “classic” psychedelics remain illegal and scheduled drugs.

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