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Companies will be able make use of live stream to promote their products to increase and improve communications with their customers and their target audience. It doesn’t matter if this service is needed by businesses or private individuals. live streaming Singapore  gives you an possibility to communicate and influence with more people around the globe.

The benefit to utilizing live streaming over hosting physical events is the fact that physical pax for the event is limited to the venue in and of itself. Live streaming hosts are allowed to invite the entire target audience in order to “take part” in their event. This is more efficient and convenient for the audience to be able to participate on the internet, all around the world.

With the help of streaming live, events can be accessible to everyone around the world through live streaming online.

From a business perspective the use of live stream as a method of communication helps the company move towards. The future as a technology-savvy business that develops innovative solutions that are quick and efficient for customers. Additionally, since customer’s demands and requirements are always changing and evolving, live streaming allows companies to quickly modify the user experiences to satisfy the requirements of their diverse audience and also to reach a greater number of viewers across the world. Do you need help with making your own content? We can build livestream studios for clients.

Live streaming on Social Media

With the increasing the demand to create video material in the digital world. Live streaming has the potential to act as a means to produce quick and relevant content for the internet with more efficiency and speed. Through live streaming corporations and brands are now able to interact with their audience via streaming services on social media like Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Vimeo, and such.

Uses for Live streaming

Presently, companies, publishers and show organizers as well as institutions for training. As well as places of worship are using live streaming to distribute their content to the world. When you set up an appropriate workflow for interaction with their viewers at a live event live streaming instantly transforms into a useful instrument for communication in two ways.

  • Product Launch
  • Live Event or Show
  • News Feed
  • Training and Demonstration
  • Talkshow & Entertainment
  • Interview and Discussion
  • Speech and Announcement
  • Sermons and Worship Service
  • Panel Discussion
  • Sports Commentary


Live Edit & Encode


Single or Multicam Setup

Vision and Audio Mixer that includes Encoder. Broadcast Quality Output

Watch on any Devices &

Live on Multiple Platforms.

How We Do It

Then, we capture the live event using one or more cameras depending on how complex. The project is or has to be. The video and audio feeds are then plugged to a vision mixer together with the logos of our clients and graphics, animations, and so on.

We utilize the vMix Pro software vision mixer that we use for the majority of our live streaming projects. It’s a top-quality software that supports multiple switch inputs, mixing recordings, audio along with Livestream cameras, video files as well as audio with resolutions up to 4K.

We usually live stream onto Youtube, Facebook Live, Instagram and Twitch. The viewers only need to sign in, and they can start watching the live stream almost immediately.

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